August 11, 2012

Wanna See Something Pretty?

I am participating in 2 Crazy Quilting Round Robins and these are the blocks that have been worked on for me.

My friend Karen embroidered the pigs for me so I used them as the centerpieces for my blocks.  I asked the ladies to incorporate the water garden with flowers designs to my blocks.  These are the first 4 completed.

These first 2 are being worked on by members of Crazy Quilting International.  If you have a love for crazy quilting and do not belong to an online group, this is one of the best groups out there!  Come see us! (you do have to register...but it is free)

Nicki stitched this beauty up for me!  I had asked for some birdbaths and the one she stitched is gorgeous!

Lauri took the water theme a bit further and incorporated a water hose to give the piggie a bath with!  I absolutely LOVE this!!
The next 2 blocks are being worked on by ladies of the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.  There again, if you are a quilter and need a place to hang out with people of like-minds, this is the place for you!  All kinds of quilting over here plus cross stitch, knitting, crochet and lots more!  You don't have to register to read things but you do have to in order to view photos and comment.... but it is free!

Colleen has done a super job in giving this piggie a bunch of flowers to nibble on. The sunflower was already on his hiney and I love the sunflowers she created to go with it!

Jackie also gave her piggie some flowers to enjoy!

I cannot wait to see the remaining blocks!  
They will all go in to one wallhanging when they get home! :)

Thank you ladies!!!


Lynn said...

Adorable! Everyone is so creative, this will truly be a one of a kind quilt-enjoy:@)

Joanna @ ShapeMoth said...

Looks like a little piggy farm ;) Love the grey one with sunflowers around!

Needled Mom said...

Those are all adorable. What clever ideas!!!!

Lynette said...

How fun! And what spectacular blocks.

Gill said...

Gorgeous! I especially like the black and white pig!

Barb said...

What fun!

Merry said...

Wow, what amazing work by everyone. The pigs are such fun and all those wonderful flowers are beauitful.

Sarah said...

This really caught my attention. I love this idea. Did you do the blocks with just a pig on each one and then send them around to be embellished? How does this work. I said I didn't have another quilt in me, but this may change my mind. I think I like this idea. Please tell me more.......Sarah