January 5, 2021

Lets Do The Twist-er!

I am seriously going to try and get back to blogging this year! It has been a long time since I blogged regularly. When Madame Samm stopped the blog hops, it was like the air went out of my desire to blog. Couple that with selling our home in NC, moving to AL, then reselling the first home we bought there, renting a while and everything in storage, and then buy a home right when Covid hit. Well, you do the math. Not much creative spirit has gone on in my brain. lol I have had the pleasure of creating a few fun pieces lately and I will share them with you one per week. At least that will get me one month of new blogging to start off with. Maybe fill in an extra blog day if I can but I wont promise to blog every single day right now. But do check in weekly to see what I have created and/or am working on at the current time. I made this quilt to fit a king size bed! I had made a smaller version and gifted it to a child at the Masonic Home For Children in Oxford, NC back a few years ago. I had been wanting to do another one so I finally did! I hope you like the outcome!