June 15, 2013

A Birthday and A Tammy Bag!

 Happy 34th birthday sweet child of mine!!!

I love these Tammy bags!  The hardest part of making them is deciding on what fabric I want to use.  I went to Raleigh with my mother in law one day and came home with the cutest of cute fabrics and was thrilled silly!  I hope you will agree that my Tammy Bag is certainly a conversation starter!

Don't you just love those bicycles!!!

And what about that lining!

There are a ton of uses that you could think of for this cute bag!  I know a lot of the bloggers will be using their's for sewing supplies so I wanted to be a little different. ... nothing too un-original.. I am a  traditional type gal with hardly any creativeness upstairs so this is what I came up with for my Tammy. 

 I have everything I need for my trip to the grocery store! My checkbook.. in it's made to match cover, a matching candy bag with peppermints in case I get to coughing, a made to match coin purse for all of my loose change, my cell phone, chap stick, Bayer aspirin and my keys. I think that just about does it.

 Your basic "take her to town" Tammy. :)

Peeking in at all of the loot...

The cell phone pocket...

 Perfect pocket for my keys, with a snap closure...

yummy candy spilling out...

Got any loose change??

Getting back to Audrey for a moment, I have to tell you that she was born during the gas shortage of 1979.  I was in the hospital for 7 days after she was born due to an infection.  I had her by C-section and contracted some type of bacteria and ran a fever for a few days.  I could not see my baby girl for the first 48 hours of her life.  When she was born there was so much mucus in her passage-way that she was handed off to a nurse pronto so I had no clue what she even looked like.  They would pull my curtain when they brought my room mates baby to her and I would sit there and cry. They finally were able to bring her to me though and WOW!! what a whopper she was!!  She weighed 9 pounds and 6 ounces at birth!! She was the talk of the hospital!

The nursery was full of babies... ALL boys.... except my little girl!.. and she was not so little compared to all of those scrawny little boys!  She was the biggest baby in the nursery by a long shot!  You could hear people talking about her in the halls.  Of course, I swelled up with pride!  That was my baby making hospital headlines. :)

Now, 34 years later, she has grown in to a beautiful, wonderful mother herself.  She has 2 beautiful daughters of her own, Allie and Emilee.  I am so very proud of the woman she has become.