August 31, 2013

Tammy Bags and Zippers

Do you know what Madame Samm's Tammy Bag and zippers have to do with each other?  Well, let me tell you.  I bought a little book early in the year while on one of my trips to JoAnn's in Raleigh and have been chomping at the bit to make one of the projects inside.

The project includes zippers and I have been looking for the "right" zippers ever since.  I found some while on my last week excursion to JoAnn's with Elizabeth.

So now I had no excuse.. I had the book.. I had the idea.. and now I had the zippers... So, time to get busy...

This was the project inside the book that inspired my newest take on the Tammy bag.

I had all intentions of making the scissor keeper but I have fallen in love with these Tammy Bags and I could not resist just seeing how one would turn out using this inspiring idea for a front pocket on the Tammy.   And whalaah! here she is...

I used a fun black and white print for the inside lining...

A couple of photos showing the pocket...

She actually sits better for me with the heaviness of the zippers.  I zigzagged the zippers together before adding them to the front so I could use them as a pocket.  I sewed the top of the yellow and the bottom of the pink zipper to the bag to form the pocket.  All you have to do is unzip any of the zippers and put anything that fits inside.

I am tickled with how it turned out! The only thing I wish is that I had a gold toned piece of hardware but I think she still looks great even though the finishes have been combined together.   We crafters sometimes have to use what we have when the urge strikes to create! ha!

What do you think of the Tammy?

August 8, 2013

Special Visitor

I had a sweet visit from my sister this past Tuesday morning.  She has yet had a chance to come see me since I moved to NC in 2003.  My niece needed to make a trip up to get her children from their dad's so my sister rode with her.  Neither of us realized where he lived until they had been on the road for about 5 hours.  He lives only 50 miles from me so I offered to cook breakfast for them.  Michele, my niece, drove all night long to pick up her children before their dad went to work on Tuesday morning so they arrived here at 6:30 a.m. They were tired and hungry so I had bacon, eggs, sausage, gravy, biscuits, peaches, and strawberry jam ready for them when they got here.

You can see that my sister is the "mouth" of the family. hehe 

First thing through the door is her voice.. "Honey, I'm home!".  :)

It was so good to see her walk through that door!

Me and my sissy!

My grandbaby Allie in the middle and Michele's 2 young ones with her.  They had tons of fun chasing butterflies and dragonflies and playing games.  They played so hard that Allie's legs cramped that night.

My niece, Michele.  She shares a birthday with my oldest daughter Audrey, Allie's mom.  And they both share the name Michele.

It was so very nice to get to spend 10+ hours with my sister and her family.  It has been a while since I have been home to see my family so it felt good being in their company for a while.
I wanted to share a couple of photos of my hubby's flowers too.

His grandmother's crepe myrtle so vibrant and full of pink blooms!

Some of our early summer visitors.

Our resident heron. We think he is a she with a nest down by the pond.  This is the first year she has stayed for several days without leaving and coming back.  She usually makes an every day appearance but this year, she is parked. :)