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With a lot of coaxing from a few dear friends... we are moving back to our old stomping grounds and blogging at Pig Tales and Quilts.  Yep, seems like a whirlwind but a lot of people have complained that they cannot find my blog, even with the many notes I put up.  So we are back over at our original home and we will be there to stay!  I really appreciate all of my followers so am willing to do what is necessary to keep you coming back!  Once you are over at Pig Tales and Quilts, grab my new button on the left sidebar if you wish to!  I kinda think it is cute. :)

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Tuesday Tute: Faux Grandmothers Flower Garden Block

 Faux Grandmother's Flower Garden Block Tutorial

I am all for the easy method of doing some things.  English paper piecing always seemed hard, until I actually made myself sit down and do it.  But I don't think I would enjoy having to wrestle so much fabric to put all of my flowers together in the traditional way.  I hope you enjoy my take on creating the GFG blocks.

The only tools you will need are 2 coordinating fabrics (one light and one dark), a hexie template in the size you want to work with, a cardboard hexie that is about 1/2 inches smaller than the one you will be cutting by, needle, thread, an iron and an ironing surface.
I bought my hexie template rulers from Quilters Rule because I loved that they had the view finder and allowed you to trace the inside of the template to create your cardboard piece to iron by.

Start by placing your hexie template on your fabric and tracing around the outside edge of the template in 6 different areas on your fabric.  If you have a hexie template with the view window, take advantage of it to fussy cut your fabric.

 If you choose to, you can omit the tracing part and just cut around the hexie shape with your rotary cutter.

 Remember to cut 6 hexie shapes!

Turn all 6 hexies over to the backside and lay the hexie template back down on the back.  Trace with a marking pen all around the inside edge of the hexie.  This line will help you when you start ironing the edges under.

 Now, we are going to iron the edges under for all 6 hexies!  Lay the cardboard hexie template down on the backside of the hexie shape.  Line the cardboard hexie up with your traced line.  Fold the top edge down over the cardboard just to the drawn line and iron.

 I will move to the bottom edge and iron the edges under there next.  This helps keep your cardboard hexie stable.

 Then do your sides, one at a time, taking care to have those corners sharp and to the point!

 You will have this once you make your way around all 6 sides!

Now carefully remove the cardboard hexie.

Turn your hexie piece back over so the right side is up, and taking your fingers, work all the pressed edges back under if they are trying to peek out and press your hexie one more time.  Do this for all 6 hexies!

 Now you have this!  And your pressed hexies are now the size of your cardboard hexie!  Just right!

 I always make myself a road map whenever I am sewing any quilt!  I lay all 6 of the hexies out like I want them before I start sewing them together.

 When you are ready to start sewing your hexies together, lift one of the hexies and turn it back to the left taking care to keep the top edges together, that go together.  Lay the hexie completely down on top of the other so that right sides are toughing.

Pick these two hexies up and shift them so that both corners match up well along that edge.

Threaded with a neutral thread, take your needle and bring it up underneath the flap and bring it out right on the corner of the hexie closest to you.  Stop pulling the thread when your knot is safely tucked up inside the flap and rest right next to the hexie.

 Whip stitch all the way across from one corner to the other using tiny even stitches.  It will be as if you are almost satin stitching these 2 hexies together.

 Do not take large bites with your needle.  You want to insert your needle as close to the top edges as possible to get that tiny stitch.  Finish off by taking 3 stitches in the last stitch and knot off.  Clip your thread.

 Lay out the sewn piece and finger press the seam open.

 Making sure your road map does not get out of place, lay this section back down with the others and proceed to pick up the 3rd hexie to be joined to these first two in the same manner. Continue on around until all 6 hexies are sewn together!

 Remember... Take tiny bites!!

 Now you have all 6 hexies joined together into a pretty flower!

Cut a background block to sew your flower to... Size of background square will be determined by the size of the hexie template that you used!

Make sure you have at least 1 1/2 inches of background showing all the way around once your flower is laid down. 

 Pin the flower to the background well!

 Knot your thread and bring your needle up from the bottom, and taking that tiny bite again, stitch the flower to the background square!

I took stitches about every 1/16th of an inch so that the edges of the hexie flower would be good and flat.  Remember to take those tiny bites when coming up through the background and into the flower.

 After you go all the way around the outer edge of your flower, you will stitch in the same manner all the way around the inside of the flower.  That fullness will work itself out as you pull your stitches while you sew.

 Ta-Da!! And you have just made a Faux Center Grandmother's Flower Garden Block!!
FYI: Some people will tell you to do a basting stitch around the hexies after you iron them to keep the flaps down while you sew the hexies together but that is a lot of un-necessary work to me.  But, if it makes your life easier to do so... then baste them down..but remove the basting stitch once you have the flower sewn to the background square.

So, there you have it. Thank you for watching while I showed you how I go about making these faux center GFG blocks!  I hope I have helped you find an easier way to stitch your own hexie flowers!
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Quilt Boxes by Dave Grunenwald!

There hasn't been any quilting or stitching going on here for the past couple of weeks.  We have been working in the shop making room for a new product we are adding to our line up.  Prescencia Pearl Cotton 12 in 123 solid colors and 33 variagated colors are enroute as I type this.  We also have 334 colors of Prescencia 6-stranded floss coming so we will have color galore in just a few days!  With the inventory of other products it was a feat to make a space for it but we succeeded and are excited to be able to offer this awesome thread choice!  Now as we wait for it to arrive, maybe I can find time to put a needle in my hand or sit at my sewing machine!

For today I would like to give a shout out to one of my blog sponsors!  Dave Grunenwald makes the MOST beautiful quilt boxes!  He has just introduced 6 new Bear Paw boxes on his blog and I thought you might all enjoy seeing them!

Do you have a cigar lover in your life?  Dave also makes beautiful humidors!  Aren't they gorgeous!

These are in his Etsy Shop!

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Happy Birthday Daddy! - and Winner Announcement!

My dad would have been 76 today!

My mom and dad's senior portraits. 
My dad's mom, Granny Ella, my mom and dad, me and my 3 siblings, my children, and my oldest sister's 4 children went to the same school. Go Bulldogs!


My granddaddy was a barber for many years and this photo is of my dad shaving granddaddy with a straight razor! Uncle Flavel is there for moral support. :)

My dad when he was between 1 and 2 years old and his older sister, Aunt Zula Mae, with granddaddy and grandma.

My dad drove a semi for a living with a company out of Muscle Shoals, AL., Chem Haulers Trucking Company.  He loved his job but hated being away from his family for extended periods of time.  He saw all 48 contingent states before he was killed in his truck on February 19, 1970.  I had just previously turned 9 years old.

My dad was well loved by many friends.  I think I get my personality from him because I make friends easily.  The number of flowers at his graveside spoke of the number of friends that he had made through his life.  My grandmother made 2 quilts from the ribbons that adorned the flowers and she gave those to me and my older sister.  This is my quilt, which I treasure!


We have a winner for the Daysail Bundle that the Fat Quarter Shop so generously allowed me to give away to celebrate my wedding anniversay on the 15th!  If you have been thinking about ordering this fabric, I will tell you, do it!  I just received a fat quarter bundle of it and it is gorgeous!


Who won???  Are you ready?  My husband chose a number from 1 through 157, the number of comments that were left, and he chose 67!  Comment #67 belongs to OhioLori!  I have already sent her an email to claim her winnings... if she does not reply by next weekend, we will draw someone else's name.

Congratulations Lori!

By the way... He actually chose a different number in the beginning.  and guess what... YEP... You were a No-Reply blogger so your winnings had to go to someone else!  If you are a no-reply blogger, please either edit your Blogger/Goggle profile and choose to have the email link show in your profile or leave your email address in your comments on blogs you comment on.  You can't win if we cannot contact you.


Umbrella In The Snow

Madame Samm challenged us to take a photo of our umbrella in the snow.  She had used a red umbrella but I did not have one.  This umbrella is from one of the local newspaper companies here in Raleigh, NC.  The umbrella is designed using the funny paper cartoons.

We should have acted sooner before the wind blew off some of the snow.  Isn't this tree gorgeous!

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Who Says You Need Bird Seed?

I had some fruitcakes left over from Christmas and hubby put one out a few days ago when we got a sampling of snow and the birds ate it right up.  We got 8 inches of snow last night so we put out another cake.  The birds love it! The birds say this is better than bird seed! ha!

hmmmmm... looks like cake!


thanks mom!

yum yum!

think I shall have a little more....

Enjoy our snow photos...

hubby's grandfather built the pack house years ago.. solid as a rock!

the front pond...

the back pond

the corn crib and tobacco barn

another shot of the pack house

padded seating. lol

Love cardinals in the snow!

Anyone seen Bigfoot!

I hope you are warm and dry where-ever you are!