January 30, 2010

Mini Quilt for OPAM!!

I went upstairs after lunch and put this together and quilted it on my longarm. I bound it while watching a movie with my hubby. Now it is ready to go to Utah to its new owner!

Another January Finish!

I went upstairs this morning since we are snowed in and I made this pair of pillowcases! My friend Elaine did a tutorial on these last night on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum and I had to make a pair! I remember doing these in 8th grade Home Economics class but I have not done any since.

I remember making my mother several pair from satin fabric! She loved to sleep on them because it helped her beauty shop hair-do last a few days longer. :)

January 29, 2010

Off The Frame!

This pretty round robin is on its way home to Texas! I helped with a Hurricane Ike fundraiser and this is one of the quilts I agreed to quilt and have the funds sent to the victims of the hurricane. I used a pantograph which had flowers and bunny rabbits on it. It turned out really pretty! Hope she likes it!

January 21, 2010

Allie's Apron

Allie got her apron and I received photos so I could share my grandbabies with my readers. Allie had been playing in hers so it is a little wrinkled. I think I may widen the next apron I make by about 4 inches. It looks a tad narrow but it could be the way she has it tied.

My grandson had gone to a birthday party earlier in the month and the birthday boys mommy had made the children aprons and allowed them to make cupcakes. So Parker had to have his picture made too showing his apron.

I think I need to make him one that fits a lot better. :)

I sure wish I lived closer to Alabama so I could spend time with them like I would like to.

January 10, 2010

Another Finish for January!

OK..I did a do-over...

This time the pockets that hold the crayons are just right!

I also used different fabrics...

Yogi bear on front..

baseball fabric inside...

and the pouch that holds the coloring book is a "Remember me" fabric for our soldiers...This is to teach him to be thankful to our men and women who keep us safe and allow us to have the freedom to lay in the floor and color.

OPAM January Finish!

My youngest daughters friend hired me to make a memory quilt using her grandparents clothing. I was unsure of which pattern to use but settled on the Shoo-Fly. I thought it was very fitting as most of our grandmothers used this pattern a lot in their quilt making. I started quilting this in December and finally got it off the frame. It is now bound and completed! And my daughters friend cried when it was presented to her!

January 9, 2010

YAY! I Am Ahead Of The Game!

Well, I joined the OPAM Challenge and I have 2 projects that I made ready to show for my efforts!

My granddaughter who is 6, has taken an interest in helping her mommy cook. So I whipped her up an apron this morning. I saw a tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilt Co. website yesterday and got inspired to make one for Allie. The finishing touch was her initial appliqued to the bib!! Doesn't it look all 50's retro!!

Of course, I cannot leave my 2 year old grandson out of the loop. He has taken an interest in cooking too so his mom and dad got him a kitchenette for Christmas. He already has an apron that he got as a birthday party favor a few weeks ago so I made him this coloring book tote. I made this by the seat of my pants and didn't think it through far enough. I made the tubes for the crayons too tall. Oh well, granny made it so I am hoping that is all that matters. I may make him a new and improved version for his birthday in March.