October 21, 2013

1 Scissor - 2 Scissors - 3 Scissors More

Carol of Just Let Me Quilt posted a photo of her scissor collection a couple of days ago and it has inspired me to show mine off!  I went in search of all my scissors and I was really taken aback at how many I actually have!!  Mind you, I have only purchased a dozen of these pair of scissors... the rest have been gifts!

I would start with the very first pair of scissors that I used in Home Economics if I still had them. I am sure my mother had them at one time but I have no clue where they got off to. So instead, I will start with the first pair of scissors I used after I got married and started sewing full time in 1979.  My late ex-father in law gave these  Ginghers to me.  They belonged to his late wife, the grandmother to my girls.  One day I will hand these down to one of them.

These Ginghers were the very first pair of scissors that I purchased for my very own.  I was so proud to walk out of Ken's Sewing Center with these in my hand.  This was somewhere near 1982.

Ken gifted these Wiss pinking shears to me when I traded my first New Home machine (purchased from them in 1980)  in on a brand new one.  I literally burnt the motor up on the old one because I sewed so much!

Ken's son, after much debating, gifted these Ginghers to me when I purchased a brand new Janome from them.

These Gingher's were also a thank you gift from Ken's Sewing Center for yet another machine purchase! They are loving me by now! :)... Seriously, they are just plain good folks to do business with!  They are my "go-to" machine dealer!

These 2 pair of 9" Ginghers were gifted from Ken for the purchase of my Brother 10 needle embroidery machine and my granddaughters first Janome!

These brand new Ginghers were sent to me this week from Ken's son Jeremy for sending them a brand new customer who purchased 2 machines last week!!

These 2 little pair of Ginghers are so precious!  One was purchased at JoAnn's fabrics and I won the other pair with the scissor fob from a blog giveaway!


Can you tell what brand of scissors are my favorite!! Ginghers cannot be beat!!...  and neither can Ken's Sewing Center !

The next 5 pc collection of scissors came from Mary Jo's Cloth Store.  They sell used scissors and I snagged these for 1.00 a pair!

I purchased these scissors from McKenna Ryan. I am working with some continuum patterns that I purchased from Willow Bend Creations and these are perfect for cutting around these designs!  They pivot on a dime!!  ... and I cannot say just how perfect they are for cutting lace motifs from lace yardage!

These 2 little pair of Westcotts were sent to me as gifts from friends.  I have been in a few secret sister swaps and I love finding things like this in my packages.

These came with my embroidery machines.

I purchased this set of  Fiskars because I had heard so many good reviews on them. They are ok but give me my Ginghers any day.

The pair with the red inside the finger holes were purchased to cut dear hubby's hair. The other 2 were gifted by friends.

This pair came in a gift from a friend.

These also came from friends.  Although not technically scissors but they do cut.

These were gifted by a friend during a secret sister swap.  I smiled real big when I opened these babies!

I love the color blue so when I spotted these at Walmart, they had to come home with me.  I was going to use them as an alternate pair of scissors to cut hubby's hair but my fat fingers get hung in the holes!  Can we say ouch!! By the way, these are perched a'top my grandfather's barber shop mirror.

This 3 piece set of scissors was in one of my monthly secret sister packages.  I use these for paper cutting so I am not inclined to use my Ginghers.

Were you counting?? If you were, if you came up with 32 you are correcto mongo!!!  YEP! I own 32 pairs of scissors!  And this is not counting the 2 pair in my kitchen drawer... and the 2 pair in my hubby's bathroom drawer for his personal use.  Can you say that I am scissor poor!!

October 12, 2013

Purple Batik Churn Dash headed To Texas!

Another finish! yeah!  This batik treasure is headed to Texas on Tuesday!  My friend Susan is the recipient of this one!  I do hope she likes the way I quilted it.

I love the texture from the fern feather!

One shot of the back although it is difficult to see much.

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October 4, 2013

There Is A Rooster Flying West...

and his name is...

I donated this quilt to a fundraiser that benefited the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  My good friend Carolyn won the quilt and has been very patiently waiting for it's arrival.  I am happy to say that it is ready to fly west to California!

I quilted a lot of texture in to the body.

I love the bamboo treatment on the tail feathers.

The border has a sun in all 4 corners.  If you look real close you will see the words "Suns up Get up" quilted on the inner part of each sun.  My nephew Jordan used to run in to his mom's bedroom when he was little and holler this at her.  With the bold background in batik I thought this saying suited the quilt perfectly.

Would you like to make Rob Roy for yourself?  Visit Florine Johnson's website and grab you up a pattern!  She has 12 to choose from!

I also finished another customer quilt this week.  It is going to my client's granddaughter this weekend for her birthday.  It is a shabby chic gingham quilt just perfect for a little girl.

I love the texture that line dancing gives to a quilt.

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