June 22, 2014

Giving Quilts

We have had out of town family this weekend from South Carolina and Pennsylvania.  My father in law's brother and his sister both came for a visit.  Uncle Don has a special place in my heart and I wanted to do something nice for him.  He had a stroke a few years ago and during the winter his leg and foot stay really cold.  So I sent him home with the picnic quilt I made for our picnic trip to Duke Gardens.  Now he can be toasty and warm when he watches television.

When the realization set in that I was giving it to him, he became all smiles.  He was pleased as a little piggy to be taking the quilt home with him.

June 1, 2014

Picnic At Duke Gardens

Hubby and I chose to go to the beautiful Duke Gardens for a picnic.  They are located in Durham, NC only 30 minutes from our home.

When we arrived we started scoping out that "perfect spot" to set up our picnic.  We wanted to have lunch before roaming the gardens so the food would not have a chance to spoil... and because we were a little hungry. It took us about 10 minutes to uncover a hideaway spot just perfect for 2 romantics like ourselves.

Can you see the benches nestled away back there?
Looks like some other romantics found this spot too!

I made a picnic quilt special for the occasion.  We spread our picnic quilt out over one of the benches and sat up our basket.  What is in that picnic basket, you ask?  Well, we all know you need fried chicken for any picnic, right?  Hubby's favorite food in the world is fried chicken. He doesn't get it very often because I cannot fry it too well... the outer crispy coating does not stay on.  This yummy chicken came from Popeye's.  Perfect every time!  And no, that is not wine in those glasses.. it is Coca Cola! ha!

A close up of the picnic quilt showing you that yes, I did use pig fabric! :)  I bought these fabrics in 2009 in New Hampshire when I was on a quilting retreat with 70 friends from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum and they have sat patiently waiting to become something.  This picnic was the perfect time to get them out and make them useful.  I made 10 1/2 inch 4-patch blocks and cut 10 1/2 inch  squares from the pig print to create my quilt.  I quilted it with a free hand square spiral.

I actually made it to fit my eating table but once it was finished and I laid it on the table, I am not so sure I want to use it there.  I added the black to make it wider and longer and I just don't know if I like it in the end.  I think I will put it in the charity cupboard and let a sweet child wrap up in it this winter.

I will tell you now that I cannot get down on the ground and sit so that is why we are not all snug as a bug sitting on the quilt.  There was a second bench so we both sat there and secretly watched everyone coming and going as we had our lunch.  They never knew we were there. :)

As we were leaving our picnic area, we went down by the pond and mama goose was there with a couple of her babies.  Are they not sweet!

And way across the pond were some Canadian Geese.  We are often visited by Canadian Geese here on our farm... 3-4 days a week, most weeks.  I love to hear them honking when they get ready to fly away.  It always makes me smile.

We started making our way around to the various flower gardens... But first I HAVE to show you this!  Is it not the most incredible water fountain you have ever seen!  I told hubby that I would love to have one just like it and he quickly replied, "well, you better win the lottery". lol

These photos are of some of the flower gardens that we enjoyed today...

And a couple of shots with the picnic quilt once again.. Did you notice that it has pigs on it!

I hope that you have enjoyed our picnic and the gorgeous Duke Gardens!  Thank you for taking the time to come and visit today!