September 20, 2012

Lean On Me - Quilts

A while back I hosted a quilt challenge on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum involving this photo which my husband took down in Eastern North Carolina.This old building looks like it is about ready to topple!  I could not resist snatching a photo to challenge the quilters on the forum with!

4 quilters sent in finished photos and I wanted to share them with you.

Colleen is an art quilter and has done an amazing job by using found objects to create her piece!  She has used knitting needles, old door hinges, washers and other items to create her piece! Everything used in the quilt is old, re-purposed, vintage (except 2 pieces of lace and 1 piece of trim which are new) and truly has the character that comes with age.
Her blog is linked at her name so go check her out!

Penny is an awesome quilter as well and has done some beautiful art pieces this past year.  I will have to beg her to allow me to showcase her quilts with you one day! She did not send in a narrative with her quilt but you can see how well she depicted the character of the building!
Her blog is linked at her name so go check her out!

Jackie's piece puts a different perspective on the challenge.  She has a "ghost car" created in to her piece.  She wanted to depict the building as it might have looked when it was in all its glory. She titled her piece, "The Spirit Returns" and has this to say about it, "My building is catty-whompus, as my mom used to say. I put in a ghostly old car, at least I hope it's ghostly.  As you can see the building just looks funny, maybe it's going to cave in on itself."

Edna has also created a wonderful piece!  She said that the building in the photo reminded her of the old farms that are no longer working farms and that mother nature had taken a tole on.

 I hope you have enjoyed the show!


Sparky said...

OHHH wow...what great pieces of art...funny I don't ever think of quilting as being as artistic, until I see this..what a your photo..I would not even know where to start on something like this

Merry said...

Wow...what talent. Such clever ladies. I like all their takes on the photo and the photo was terrific too.

Katherine said...

Amazing! Love seeing each artistic interpretation of that barn. Each is distinctly beautiful.