January 16, 2012

Pincushion Parade!

Who doesn't love a fun and whimsy pincushion!!

Beth of Love Laugh Quilt is hosting a pincushion parade and I am joining in!

Scoot on over to your sewing rooms, quilting studios, sewing corners...where ever your pincushions may be and photograph them and join the party too!

These live in my crazy quilting room among all of my many beads, books and laces!  They all have either been gifted to me by friends or gathered via pincushion swaps with my online friends. My friend Trish from Australia sent me the cat and Elizabeth from Massachusetts gifted me the needlebook and thumbnail pincushion. The other 2 came from an online swap.

These 2 pincushions live in the longarm studio. They both were gathered via an online swap.

These 2 live in the sewing room and are not allowed to leave!  One can get in a lot of trouble by removing my pincushions from their respected places of abode. :)

And lastly, this pincushion sits and waits for Allie's next summertime visit!  It is on her work station being very patient! If you missed her visit this past July, hop on over HERE and read about her first quilt! She did a fantastic job!!