April 30, 2010

OPAM Finishes!!

Just a little over 3 hours to get these posted!  I have had these things made for a while but just haven't taken the photos.  But here goes!

A pincushion for a swap that went to a friend in NH!

This little mini quilt is something a lot of my readers have been waiting to see.  It is my give away gift from my Feb give away!  I finally got it finished!  Now you have to see who the lucky recipient is!

These next photos are of 9 pillowcases that I have recently made to sale on my website.  I remember making these in Home Economics class back in the 70's!!  I made my mom several out of satin fabric to use so her "weekly hairdo" would last longer.  Now they are popping back up all over the place!  I think these cat and dog fabrics will make great pillowcases for some young-un's! :)
 The cat is looking up at the mice on the flange...Isn't that too cute!
 These puppies are too stinking cute!
I fell in love with this "dog commands" fabric!  Just perfect for the flanges here!
 Who doesn't love dalmatians!
The same "dog command" fabric!  Love it!

April 8, 2010

Pottery - Steve Abee Pigs!!

The UPS man came today!!!!!!!

We collect pottery from the Western part of North Carolina and Steve Abee is one of those potters! He does a fabulous swirl finish!! We special ordered this set of pigs...right down to the runt...I just love them!!

Maybe they should be my blog header!

April 5, 2010

PHD Challenge! First Finish!

This is a quilt that was created from a swap on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.  My good friend Brandy hosted this Friendship Star Siggy Block Swap in 2007.  I am proud now to say that this UFO is finished and ready to display in my quilting studio!  It has a wonderful story to tell!  One of the blocks is from Australia and another one is from New Zealand... the remaining blocks are from all across the USA!!
I had a few blocks left over from the front so I added them to my backing.

April 2, 2010

Uncle Eli's 79th Annual Quilting Party!

I had tons of fun yesterday with 7 of the ladies from our guild. We had some wonderful food and got to see lots of beautiful quilts!! I made a few photos and will share them with my readers! Enjoy!