October 4, 2011

Mail Call!! I Am About To Burst!!

I have been patiently waiting on this since Spring!!

Dave at Quilt Boxes was one of my sponsors for the quilting retreat that I hosted in April of this year as well as being a regular sponsor on my blog.  I loved his work so much that I ordered a Quilt Box for me and my hubby but told him not to rush on it.

Well, I received notification from Dave a few days ago that it was enroute!!  It actually came day before yesterday but I have been waiting to open it so I could show it to my hubby!  He has been really busy with the crop and comes in exhausted and basically collapses on the couch as soon as he eats dinner.  Tonight however, he will be in better spirits because he gets part of tomorrow off because he does not have an available barn to fill.  So, I opened the box just a little bit ago because I am expecting him in about half an hour! 

People, let me tell you... Our box is amazing!!  I chose the Churn Dash block design because it was one of my Granny Ida's favorite block patterns.  It is made from Figured Eucalyptus, Figured Makore and Walnut Burl!  ALL of which my hubby will LOVE!!  My hubby is a wood turner and burly and figured wood is a woodturners delight!! He is going to be smiling when I show him our newest treasure!!

What???  You want to see, you say!  Well... I might just be stingy and keep it all to myself... ha!

Naww.. I wouldn't do that!   Something this beautiful deserves to be shared with everyone!!
Just take a peek at this beautiful quilt box!!

Don't you just love this Figured Eucalyptus!

My Granny Ida would be so proud of Dave for those sharp points!!

Now doesn't that just make your mouth water??  

What are you waiting for?  You know you HAVE to order yourself one of these beauties!! OR..You may possibly have someone on your Christmas list who this would be perfect for!   Here is the link to help you on your way! QuiltBoxes!

Thanks so very much Dave!!  I love my box and I know my hubby will too!!

And while you are here keep scrolling down this page to find the online quilt show, Men Quilt Too!!  I have 21 male quilters linked up at this point of the show, with links direct to their websites and or blogs!  They have some wonderful quilts to show off!!  Get on over there and take a peek!  This is one quilt show you do NOT want to miss!


Giles said...

that sounds awesome and will be a wonderful surprise! I could see a bit of the boxes you had as a recent give away and this, with the extra personal design is a wonderful idea! ... and so is the quilt show - wonderful wonderful wonderful! You've introduced me to many new followers and it's great to see so many other male quilters out there... at the Elma, NY quilt show I went to last weekend a store owner told me about a quilt club over the border in Canada which is only for male quilters... it's great when you hear things like that because you're talking about the Men Quilt Too show :)

Quiltboxes said...

You're very welcome Thearica!!
I'm so glad you like it!

SewCalGal said...

Dave does such wonderful work. Your QuiltBox is beautiful, a true heirloom. Enjoy.


Peggy said...

Wow! that is the big version of the beautiful box I won here on your blog recently. They really are exciting and beautiful...well, you know how thrilled I am to have the lovely smaller one. Enjoy your treasure.

Quiltsmiles said...

That box is incredibly beautiful. I love looking and touching what people create and can just imagine the sleekness and strength of the wood. That design is special too!
Thanks Thearica for hosting this and sharing Men QUilt too. It's fantastic! Jane

Barb said...

Lucky you, that is awesome!!!

NickiLee said...

OMG! That is gorgeous! Ya know, you said you loved me... How much LOL!

Shawkl said...

Yep, you were dancing when that box was opened! And, I'm green with envy! Such a treasure! And you deserve the best!