October 15, 2011

It's A Quilt Contest!

Michele over at The Quilting Gallery is having another weekly quilt contest.  This time it is Scrappy Quilts!  I have entered my Pigs On the Farm quilt and hope you all will go over and take a peek at it! IF you like it better than all the others, then I would appreciate your votes!  There is some mighty hefty competition over there!!

Thanks in advance!!


My quilting buddies know my hubby and I collect pig pottery so they are always sending me pig themed fabrics. I made this quilt using all of those fabrics for the circles. The green background fabric was given to me by one of the ladies when we met in NH at a quilting retreat. Friends are such fun.


Kath said...

That's lovely. I was wondering how it is made. Some time ago, I saw a similar quilt where the circles had been sewn striaght onto the background squares and had "raw" edges.

Thearica said...

Thank you Kath. I have lightweight fusible behind the circles and I machine blanket stitched the edges.

Jodi - usairdoll said...

Hi Thearica..Just wanted to let you know that I would have voted for your quilt even if I didn't know it was yours. hehe. My vote is in so good luck! Also I'll be getting my email to you for the Men Quilt Too vote as well. Soon.

Have a great week.