November 12, 2009

Tricia Cribbs

Tricia Cribbs owns, designs patterns, writes books, and is a fabric designer. She is the designer of the Turning Twenty patterns that have been a huge success in the quilting world!

I started my longarm quilting business in early 2006 and after practicing for a while, Tricia sent me this quilt to quilt for one of her new books that she was writing. I wish I had it back "to do over" because I would quilt it a lot differently. I have advanced in my quilting quiet a bit since this quilt. I wasn't ever going to show it but this morning while going through some of my CD's I decided why not. At least I would be giving Tricia some advertisement.

This quilt pattern can be found in her book E-Z Beez-y Quilts Book.

If you have never been to you need to head on over there. Tricia has lots of great patterns, books and fabrics for you to check out!


Merry said...

Beautiful....what fun colours.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a beautyfull quilt cheerfull colours!