November 12, 2009

Don't Throw Out Those T-Shirts!

Do you have bins full of t-shirts from days gone by? Do your children have t-shirts from their school days that you just cannot throw away? Well, make a lasting memory quilt with those shirts and surprise them with a gift they would never expect!

I made the following quilt for a friend of mine to give to her daughter. The daughter had gone to Law School. The shirts reflect various clubs she was in during her college years as well as trips she went on. When the quilt was picked up, the mother was very well pleased with the finished product! Her daughter was delighted as well!

If you are interested in a memory quilt, please visit my website through the link on my sidebar. My contact information can be found there.


Merry said...

Another great quilt. I have seen these a couple of times on TV lately. But I like your comments about shirts for special clubs. I must remember this as my daughter gets older as we have a couple of school shirts and guide shirts that will be good.

Anonymous said...

WOW this is a great quilt!It makes a quilt extra special with those used shirts.

Anonymous said...

I have been meaning to ask you about making one of these. I have been saving DGD t-shirts to make her one for 8th grade grad in 2 years. Probably shouls get started!! ha! I will check out your website. Catherine