April 11, 2009

Gift From My Aunt!

I come from a large family of quilters! My granny Ida was a hand quilter and she was mother to 7 living daughters including my mother. My mothers dad was killed when she was 4 and my grandmother never remarried. When the last child left home granny was scared to live by herself so she lived with us for a long time. I tell everyone that I grew up under a quilting frame! Granny always had a frame up in the extra den.

My Aunt Jimmie Lou, who lives in Florida, has quilted for many years and hand quilts everything she works on. My husband and I go to Sanibel Island as often as we can and stopped in to see her on one of those trips. She was showing me her many quilts and when she came to this one I was amazed at the beauty of it! She gifted the quilt to me and my hubby as a wedding gift! I was overwhelmed that she would give me such a gift! She has daughters herself but she told me that they would not take care of the quilt like she knew I would!

This is the nicest gift I have ever received in my life! (Without counting the gifts given to me by my hubby)

Isn't it gorgeous!


Anonymous said...

Such a heirloom ! How lucky you are, being from a family of quilters... I've been quilting for 13 years now, and I'm the first ever, in the family... although I think there must be an ancestor, somewhere. Quilting is in my heart and bones ;>)


Roslyn said...

Oh my word, that is one gorgeous quilt what a fabulous aunt you have!

Donna said...

That quilt is just amazing. I know you treasure it, it is stunning. Was this made by your Aunt that has been diagnosed with leukemia? I can easily see where you get all your quilting talent.

Thearica said...

No, Aunt Jimmie Lou is my mom's sister. My aunt with leukemia is my dad's sister.

Julie S said...

What a beautiful quilt! I am the first quilter in our family, that I know of. I am always so tickled to read about the legacy of quilting passed down from generation to generation. I hope I have started that now with my daughter.
Julie in WA