April 11, 2009

Love Notes & Quilts

I have been longarm quilting for 3 years and now love to quilt notes into borders for my clients. The first quilt that I did this on was for my good friend Nicki from Massachusetts! She made this French Braid quilt for her hubby and sent it to me for quilting! I was having difficulty trying to decide what to quilt in the inner border of the quilt when an idea hit me. I called Nicki and asked her if she would write a love note to her hubby and send it to me so I could quilt it in the border. She loved the idea!

When her hubby opened his quilt and saw the love note he loved it too!


Millie said...

Your quilt and quilting is gorgeous. I love the quilt stand. Do you mind sharing where you got the stand?

Thearica said...

www.quiltershusband.com :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I have never heard of love notes in the inner border and think it is an awesome idea. I just sent a quilt for my husband to my quilter - I will have to call her and see if it's too late to use your idea. Thanks.