April 8, 2009

Quilt Blocks by Granny Ida!

My grandma Ida made these kitten blocks when I was around 8 years old. They never made it into a quilt so when my first granddaughter was born, I put some of the blocks together into a baby quilt for her. My granny used double knit fabrics for the kittens and blanket stitched them to the background. She would be proud that her great-great granddaughter was all snug as a bug in a quilt made with her blocks.

I also have enough blocks left to make my grandson a quilt too!

The second photo shows my granddaughter laying on another quilt that I made for her using my Granny Ida's favorite block, the Churn Dash! Isn't she a cutie pie!

My granddaughter is all grown up now...She will start kindergarten this fall! Where has the time gone!! She is dressed up for a football game at a local high school and she is all decked out supporting her favorite player!


tisme said...

Those kitten blocks are just adorable!! I am not one that likes the cat quilts, but I love those kittens.
Where does the time go? My oldest son will be 34 this year and my baby just turned 16. Seems like it was just yesterday when they started kindergarten.

ilovebabyquilts said...

Love the kitties!

Marlene McGarrity said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful!

The kitten blocks are adorable!

Karen said...

I love the kitten blocks!