March 27, 2021

Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill

 All 50 USA states are represented in this quilt.. Sue and Bill's clothing is from Northcott's state flower fabric line. This was a huge swap between 50 ladies. We all had to do 50 blocks using the state fabric we were assigned. At the end we sent them to the hostess and she gave everyone 1 block from each swapper. Was a lot of fun and a whole lotta work but so worth it! 

February 28, 2021

In The Kitchen Stitchn' Blog Hop

 There is a new blog hop on the horizon called In The Kitchen Stitchn'!  Carla over at Creatin' In The Sticks is our host once again!  If you love to be a part of blog hops, head over there and look for the sign up details.  Hops are a lot of fun and I just signed up to show my kitchen item I will be making over the next month and a half!

February 27, 2021

Giveaway Winner!

 Karrin Hurd from Karrins Crazy World has won the giveaway that I held during the Show Your Stripes Blog Hop!  Congratulations!  She left the 24th comment out of 33!

Thank you to everyone who came and visited my blog during the hop!  Please come back to see what I will be working on this year!

February 24, 2021

Show Your Stripes Blog Hop! - It's My Day!

                                Hello, thank you for visiting my blog today to peek at my contributions to the 
Show Your Stripes Blog Hop!    
Carla over at Creatin' In The Sticks has put a lot of work in to getting us all prepared for the hop 
                 and this is a big thank you shout out to her!   

I love to make charity and comfort quilts and am currently out of baby quilts.  I generally have a stack in the backseat of my truck in the winter.  If I see a mom with an infant and it is only wrapped up in a receiving blanket I can gift her a quilt right on the spot.  So I have prepared some tops that I still need to quilt but it wont take me long to get them completed and in the truck.

My stylized rose will wrap some little girl up nice warm and cozy don't you think.  The striped inner border just adds to the look.

           I received these fabrics in a kit from a blogger several years ago and now have them in top form just waiting to be quilted.  It is just a dab bigger so it can go to a 1 - 2 year old little boy. You will find some stripe fabric in the quilt and the jelly roll strips make stripes of their own. Some little boy will love this!

      This is one of my favorites.  I didnt use a jelly roll but cut my strips of fabric for this one.  Lots of polka dots and sewn together in stripe form. :)  Very bright and cheery.  It could be for either a girl or boy.  It needs an outer border but I dont have anything in the house to match.. I just might add a multi color stripe border on it or maybe bind it in stripes. Decisions decisions. :)

And I love giveaways so leave me a comment about your quilting endeavors.
Someone will win this Tree of Life panel.  I will use the random number generator on Saturday, Feb 27 at 9am Central time  to choose the comment number and whoever made that numbered comment will win! 
I do have these for sale so if you are interested in one, just give me a shout!

 Well that's it for me.  I hope you have enjoyed being here!  Be sure and visit the other bloggers that are showing their stripes today!  

Thursday, February 25th

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February 14, 2021

Time For A Refresh

Yes, PigTalesandQuilts is gone from the banner but the domain will always point here. I have been back and forth with this decision but I finally made a definitive decision and I believe it is time to retire the old name and bring in the new. Our lives have changed so much over the past 12 years and the old blog name centered around our pottery and the pigs we collected and since we no longer collect it makes sense to refresh the blog. 

 I am in love with my new blog banner!! I bought the image of the machine from a seller off of Etsy and with her permission used it for my blog. I took it in to my photo software and added the words. I love the saying at the bottom and that is SO me! 

I have done some housekeeping on the blog this morning, deleting some irrelevant posts, so the dates will look out of sync but the remaining posts are what matters anyway. I am excited to get back to blogging and I hope you will all come and read my musings. I know it has been a long time and I have tried to get back to blogging a few times but the time just wasnt right. Our lives have slowed down considerably so I am looking forward to blogging and sharing my work. I hope to do a few blog hops again but I dont plan to get in as many as I once did. I just want to hang out with people of like-minds. :) 

To give you some eye candy, I will share this quilt I made for a blog hop a few years ago. It was a lot of fun to make! My hubby still gives me grief for giving it away during the hop. Maybe I need to make a second one just for him. :)

February 7, 2021

Tshirt Quilts

I completed these for different clients. They both were thrilled with how they turned out. They have become my favorite quilts to do for clients.

January 5, 2021

Lets Do The Twist-er!

I am seriously going to try and get back to blogging this year! It has been a long time since I blogged regularly. When Madame Samm stopped the blog hops, it was like the air went out of my desire to blog. Couple that with selling our home in NC, moving to AL, then reselling the first home we bought there, renting a while and everything in storage, and then buy a home right when Covid hit. Well, you do the math. Not much creative spirit has gone on in my brain. lol I have had the pleasure of creating a few fun pieces lately and I will share them with you one per week. At least that will get me one month of new blogging to start off with. Maybe fill in an extra blog day if I can but I wont promise to blog every single day right now. But do check in weekly to see what I have created and/or am working on at the current time. I made this quilt to fit a king size bed! I had made a smaller version and gifted it to a child at the Masonic Home For Children in Oxford, NC back a few years ago. I had been wanting to do another one so I finally did! I hope you like the outcome!

October 28, 2020

Pieced Leaf

Or else that is what I am calling this one..This is the largest quilt I have ever made from the ground up. 360 half square triangle blocks about drove me crazy piecing, pressing and squaring them to size...I am glad it is finished! I really enjoyed the quilting process though... Just low end custom..Nothing too fancy...Just keeping with the leaf designs...

March 19, 2015

Some Of My Stitching

I would like to thank you all for coming by my blog to see what I have to share.  I dabble in a little bit of a lot of things but one thing I am trying to sharpen, are my embroidery skills.  I love to crazy quilt and embroidery skills are a must.  Before I started crazy quilting I basically had never embroidered anything, but fast forward 8 years+ and my skills are getting better.

I have been a needleworker most of my life, creating my first quilt blocks by hand at the age of 8.  My granny Ella taught me but would not let me use her sewing machine.  Those are the only quilt blocks I ever hand pieced but I have been quilting, sewing and using a needle ever since!
Next to a needle and sewing machine is my favorite place to be.

Although I have been a quilter for the past 36 years, I have found that I can find contentment and enjoy just sitting with a different kind of needle in my hand at various times.  I love to cross stitch, embroider, knit and needlepoint.  But not in that order.  I actually don't have a favorite any longer...
I just love to Create! no matter how!

The first photos I will share with you today are of some pieces I have done that involve creating trees.  I want to do a study in trees eventually.  My idea is to create trunks with various elements and then create the tree tops with as many materials as I can possibly find that will work.

First up is a tree that I did with a water theme.  This is the likings to a weeping willow growing by the side of a pond.  I used silk ribbon french knots to create the tree itself and did basic embroidery for the branches and other elements within the piece.

A close up of the embroidery work on the background of the piece.

This tree I call the fairy Goddess.  I used large leaf charms and buttons to create the tree top and embroidered a simple chain stitch for the tree itself.  I want to re-visit this tree and maybe do a satin stitch to fill in the trunk so you don't see the block background as you do here.

This tree is one of my favorites!  I call it my Apple Tree... hence the red and green vintage buttons.  I used tons of small buttons to create the tree top and then using silk ribbon, I created the tree trunk itself.  I did not do french knots in the tree but only pulled the silk ribbon through so far and then stopped each time before pulling it tight.  
I love the texture it gives the trunk.

To get away from the trees a bit, I have quite a bit of embroidery on this grandmothers fan piece.  My chain stitch and back stitch still need some honing but I am getting there little by little. I enjoyed embroidering and beading this piece and the use of the birds all hand dyed is the perfect finishing touch.  My friend Nicki hand dyes laces and I get my pieces from her.

I can't end without showing all of you my best masterpiece to date. In 2010 I had achilles tendonosis and was recliner bound for over 4 months so this piece was started for my oldest granddaughter as her 8th birthday present.  It took me a couple of months beyond that to get it completed but it is my best work yet.  There is a ton of embroidery work in this piece.

Allie's Tea Party

When I started this Allie's favorite color was pink... everything in her room was pink and just about every piece of clothing she owned had to be pink!  She also loved to have tea parties in her bedroom with friends or whoever would oblige her... sometimes that would be my hubby. :)

Fast forward 5 years and her room has changed quite a bit.. now it has horses, lassos and camouflage everywhere.  I asked her if she would like for me to bring her tea party piece home with me to safeguard it for her until she got married and she promptly told me it was not leaving her wall.  So  Allie's Tea Party hangs out with all the horses and camouflage and they all live happily together in her bedroom.  She makes this grandma smile. :)

Here are several close ups showing detail work.

Thank you for your visit today.  I hope that I have inspired you in some small way to go and pick up a needle and thread and stitch something. 

December 8, 2014

The Tree Is Up and Another Gift Out The Door!

We put up our tree tonight... and if you remember, it isn't any ole' tree.  it is our non-traditional piggy tree. And what is laying under it... but a stocking, Tammy bag, candy and lots of surprises for someone! Another Christmas gift out the door. Hope she likes what she is getting from Santa. :)

A stocking with a vintage piece of linen to adorn the top.

A matching Tammy bag because the stocking just isn't big enough to hold it all. :)

The matching stocking and Tammy bag.

I just love the handle on this Tammy bag.  It has scroll type swirls in the metal that match perfectly with the scrolls and swirls on the fabric.

My sweet hubby is playing hard to get! ha!

November 17, 2014

Comfort Quilt Presentation

I have been traveling all week and wanted to share some things with you this morning. On Monday, my friend Libby and I drove up to Fredericksburg, VA for a 3 day sew-in with friends.  We were on a mission to deliver a quilt that a group of 100+ quilters made for a friend who had lost her son.  Our friend Tammy is the recipient of this quilt of love and was very surprised when we presented it to her.  Some other friends on the forum had sent her a pillow and others had sent her something as well so she had no idea something else was in the works.

Friends who could not make blocks sent funds to help with backing, sashing fabrics and batting and all left over funds went to purchase a couple of extra keepsake gifts.  Tammy loves sea turtles so I bought her a glass sea turtle at the Hallmark Store.  I also had enough funds to purchase the friends hugging figurine.  This symbolizes all of the many hugs she was sent and is still being sent by all of her quilting friends.

This is Tammy and her mom...

And friends Karen (left) and Libby (right)

I got home around 6pm on Wednesday evening and left again on Saturday morning at 7am to take my mother in law Mildred and sweet Aunt Neva to see their sister in Havelock, NC.  We had a blast! Aunt Lynda made us right at home with foot soaks when we got there and a wonderful dinner of homemade beef vegetable stew with stove top cornbread fritters! yummy!  We drove down the coast to meet up with Aunt Lynda's daughter for lunch on Sunday before heading home. Aunt Lynda treated everyone to a delicious seafood lunch! Mildred, Aunt Neva and I all ordered fried shrimp, Aunt Lynda had fried oysters and Leanne had the fish tacos.  The food was excellent so we were all stuffed when we left!

And oh yes we spied a quilt shop... and yes.. we had to buy something.. But it wasn't fabric.. Actually it is the first quilt shop that I have been in that did not sell fabric.  they had tons of ready made quilts for sale, gift ware, and antiques.

It just so happened to have been Leanne's birthday the day before so we bought her a set of placemats for her dinner table and a potpourri bowl that had the aroma of vanilla, actually called a wax pottery vessel. The Habersham Candle Company makes the potpourri bowls right here in the United States, down south in Georgia.  These are not candles... they have a fragrance built right in so you only display them and enjoy the aroma without having to search for matches.

They did not have a photo of the vanilla vessel that we purchased at the Quilt Cottage so I will show you a couple of others.  Go to the candle website to view them all and the other items they have on the market.

And my birthday is this coming Friday so my mother in law bought me this sweet and cuddly piggy for my birthday.  It was between this and a new leather satchel (the satchel was not at the Quilt Cottage), and the piggy won!  I just love him!  Thank you Mildred!

We had an excellent time all the way around but on the way home it started to mist rain and the sky darkened up.  It was a miserable 3+ hours drive home and I was so glad to be safely tucked under my quilt and in the recliner resting before bedtime.