December 8, 2014

The Tree Is Up and Another Gift Out The Door!

We put up our tree tonight... and if you remember, it isn't any ole' tree.  it is our non-traditional piggy tree. And what is laying under it... but a stocking, Tammy bag, candy and lots of surprises for someone! Another Christmas gift out the door. Hope she likes what she is getting from Santa. :)

A stocking with a vintage piece of linen to adorn the top.

A matching Tammy bag because the stocking just isn't big enough to hold it all. :)

The matching stocking and Tammy bag.

I just love the handle on this Tammy bag.  It has scroll type swirls in the metal that match perfectly with the scrolls and swirls on the fabric.

My sweet hubby is playing hard to get! ha!


Sparky said...

love your pig that is a know something, I have not found my ornament this year..each year I get a new one just could not find one that shouted our year...floods, CA, TN, just did not say it for me lol
love your new Tammy she is very pretty and dainty and with matching stocking...a perfect gift for someone special I am sure...

tisme said...

I found you! You can't lose me that easily, lol. Hugs Q

Terrie R. said...

I love the Tammy bag and matching stocking! Going over to bloglovin to follow you now. ~ Terrie

Vickie said...

I love the fabric you made the bag and stocking out of ! And the piggy tree is really cute !

Kim said...

That is one cute pig tree! Love your Tammy bag and stocking. The lace adds such a beautiful vintage accent.

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