January 24, 2014

What Is On My Needles

I dabble a little in knitting.  Nothing major, just your basic knitted blanket or afghan.  I have made a few baby blankets and one larger afghan for my hubby back 12 years ago.  I have also made some scarves for friends...none for me as I don't wear them.  I have never been able to wear anything around my neck... not enough turtle neck tops. I don't have photos of the scarves but this one is of the afghan I made for my hubby so many moons ago.

I knitted one pair of house shoes in the 11th grade.  That is the only item other than something "straight" that I have ever knitted.  I don't know if I could knit another pair now or not.  I did purchase a book to teach myself to knit more things than blankets and afghans and I am hoping to put it to use this year.  I would love to be able to knit baby layettes.

I can crochet but my elbow will not let me.  Crochet is so much faster than knitting.  But I can crochet for 30 minutes and it takes me an hour to get the stiffness out of my elbow so I refrain.  My older sister crochets beautifully so I leave it to her.  She has made several baby layettes that included the sweater, hat, booties and blanket.  She also knits and has made 4 blankets using the stitch where as you knit, you are building a cross stitch area.  I will have to get some photos of those 4 blankets on my next trip home if I can.  She cross stitched baby animals in each square and they are beautiful.  Here is one of those type blankets that she did for me and hubby.  She always finishes her blankets with a cute edging!  I love it!

This is another blanket that my sister made for us.  her hubby almost died 2 years ago rendering him unable to work and we helped them as much as we possibly could.  She felt she needed to do something for us in return and gifted us this beautiful blanket.  We will cherish it always.

This was actually the very first crocheted item that my sister gifted me with.  Isn't it darling!

And finally... This is what is now on my needles... I have no definitive plans for this afghan.  I saw the thread and thought it was gorgeous so I bought it and put it on the needles.  I will most likely gift it to someone once it is finished but right now, I don't know who.  The colors are what I use in my master suite so who knows, it may find a place across the foot of the bed  so I can grab quick cover when I take a power nap during the day. :)

So, do you knit?  If so, what is on your needles?


Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Lovely projects. I am a remedial knitter. I am still working on the dishcloth that I started during the holidays.

Jeanna said...

All great projects by you and your sister. Your current project is in my favorite color...so...if you decide it doesn't work in YOUR master suite, it will work in MINE! :) Seriously, it's very pretty. Enjoy!

Marilyn said...

Oh, I wish I could still knit. About all I can do now is a couple of rows on a sock and then my wrists are so sore I have to stop. For years I knit and crocheted sweaters and doilies and all sorts of things. I still miss it. But I am seriously considering getting a sock loom because I love hand-knit socks and most of the ones I have made have holes in the heels. I keep trying to convince myself that I should darn them after I put all that work into them but I really hate darning socks....and our last dog chewed up the darning egg. I know, there are all kinds of things I could use instead but I'm still working on the convincing. But I do have all these lovely sock yarns so I'm thinking that the sock loom just might be the answer.

Sparky said...

I adore your blue and white one…this is gorgeous…crochet or knitted…I had no idea you made these too….I love that blue and white..simple yet very classic..