November 8, 2013

Creating Smiles ~~ One Child ~~ One Quilt At A Time!

How do you make a child smile?  Present them with a quilt!

Many of the ladies from the  HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum participate in sending fabrics, quilt blocks, quilt tops, finished quilts and funds to help see that the children at the Masonic Home and the children of the Central Children's Home, both here in Oxford, NC, are presented quilts from time to time.  I have also had a few bloggers send in to help with this project as well.

My friend Marie and I were able to get an appointment for today and we presented 5 quilts to some fine young men and 4 quilts to some beaming young ladies.

We are now down to 1 finished and ready to go quilt in the charity closet and it is a baby quilt. I take the baby quilts in to town with me when I go for groceries and I have seen women bring babies out of cars with hardly any coat on in the really cold temps. I walk up to them and ask if they have a quilt for their little one and when they say no, I ask them if they would like one. You can tell by their facial expression, just how much they appreciate these quilts.

They are in awe when I tell them about our group and how the quilt came to be. These quilts have stories to tell and the story only continues when the recipient knows where they have come from. Can you imagine the chatter between these mothers and their friends when they show the quilt they received from perfect strangers.

Here are the photos from today's presentation.  Faces are hid due to privacy laws.

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Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Your generous nature is unmatched in my experience in this blogging/quilting world. You have been so kind to me during my moments of intense grief; you continue to spread good will thruout your community giving away quilts as needed without question; you hold blog hops and raffles and collect supplies for friends who've suffered bad luck... May all you wish for and need come to you in joyous love and in response to all you do for others.