August 6, 2011

Making People Feel Special - One Quilt At A Time!

Phil Morgan is a potter from Seagrove, NC.  He came to be with 81 quilters the last weekend in April and performed a pottery demonstration for them at the 5th Annual Circle Of Friends Quilting Retreat that I hosted. You can read about the retreat here...

One of our quilters had an idea to do something special for Phil.  She asked the quilters if they would send a block that had a coffee mug on it to her and she would put the blocks together in to a quilt, finish it and send it to me so that I could present it to Phil in person.  The idea of the coffee mug was born from the fact that Phil and his wife made a coffee mug for each of the quilters at the retreat as a token of friendship and as a remembrance of their trip to NC!

Several of the ladies sent in a block and a few sent funds to help cover the quilter's cost of batting, backing and shipping.  The quilt came to me last week and I finally had an opportunity to go to Seagrove this morning to present the quilt to him.

Phil LOVED his surprise gift!!  He kept commenting on how much he really liked it! His wife was very impressed as well!

I think you can tell through the photos how much he really enjoyed his surprise!!  He intends on us coming to his backyard in Seagrove, NC in the near future for another NC COF Retreat! He promised me that he would help me make it happen! I told him it would be at least 3 years but I did intend on hosting again!

Here are the photos of the presentation!  The last photo shows it all so well! :)

If you love pottery and have never been to Seagrove, NC... then you MUST plan your next vacation around this amazing little town!  It is FULL of local artists who get lost in the world of creating pottery!  Discover Seagrove!

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DVArtist said...

Yeahhh for the quilters. That is such a nice gift and he will love it for ever.

Michelle said...

That is just so NEAT! I love quilts that have special meaning behind them.

Kath said...

I did smile at the last pic. I'm afraid that's the only connection my Man is ever going to have with quilting LOL

Needled Mom said...

What a great gift for him and I can tell he is really going to love it.