January 31, 2011

Doll Swap - Updated!!

 LInking up today over at Quilt Story and Fabric Tuesday  and linking up also at Kim's and Get Your Craft On!

Edited to add:  This is the doll that I have made to swap.  I had a doozie of a time with her face and hair... I am no artist as you can well see.  I think she looks kind of magical in a way.  maybe her owner will love her!
 Barbara sent these 2 cuties in!
I will be mailing dolls home tomorrow morning! :)

I have just hosted my first doll swap on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum.  The participant list was slim but that is ok.  It was a trial run to see if anyone would want to do it.

I am afraid that some might be wishing they had joined once they see the dolls that are coming in to be swapped.

Here are the first 2!!

How about you?? Would any of my readers be interested in joining a doll swap?

This doll was submitted by Nancy!
 This doll was submitted by Elizabeth!


NancyC said...

Those two dolls are SO cute! Beautifully crafted!

Sarah said...

Such cute, creative dolls. I've long been enchanted by soft sculpture dolls, though I've never made one. Just admire all the talented individuals who create these little charmers. ~ Sarah

Carol said...

Such variety in those dolls. I'm not a doll maker myself, but those are really cute. I am making doll clothes for my granddaughters for Valentine's Day, though. Does that count?

My Fabric Tuesday link is http://carolburris.com/quilting/january-dogwood-quilt-update/

Wendy said...

These are some great dolls!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These are all really precious! I'm enjoying your blog! ♥