October 5, 2010

Vintage Tuesday

This quilt and bed belonged to my hubby's GGG Grandmother.  She passed away in 1875 and noone knows exactly what year she made the quilt.  When she passed away my hubby was included in her will as to receiving this quilt and the bed that it was made for.

The lower sides of this quilt are made differently than any quilt I had ever seen!  They were made to go around the footboard.  How ingenious was that!  Have any of you seen a quilt made this way?


Dee said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt! And to have something from that long ago and with that much history is definitely a treasure.

Laurie said...

What a beautiful heirloom Thearica, and to have it is a blessing. I love how she did the corners, I've never seen that on older quilts, only on newer store bought. Ahead of her time!

3anklebiters said...

beautiful quilt and bed, what a treasure to have.