October 5, 2010

Gift From A Friend

My good friend Elizabeth came for a 9 day visit this summer and we had a ton of fun!  She gifted me with these 2 beautiful crazy quilted gifts before she left! She does awesome embroidery and embellishing!  I will treasure these always!

The first item is a needlekeeper.  Inside it has soft flannel pages to keep my needles safe when not in use!
This is a gorgeous little basket just perfect for my thread!


Laurie said...

Thearica! What beautiful gifts, she is talented. Does she belong to CQI? She should!

Needled Mom said...

Both items are just gorgeous. What a sweet friend!

Myra said...

Wonderful gifts you've been given there Thearica! Very nice... 8-)

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Thoughtful and gorgeous to boot. You are a wealthy woman with friends like Elizabeth. Memories are made with keepsakes.