January 9, 2010

YAY! I Am Ahead Of The Game!

Well, I joined the OPAM Challenge and I have 2 projects that I made ready to show for my efforts!

My granddaughter who is 6, has taken an interest in helping her mommy cook. So I whipped her up an apron this morning. I saw a tutorial on the Missouri Star Quilt Co. website yesterday and got inspired to make one for Allie. The finishing touch was her initial appliqued to the bib!! Doesn't it look all 50's retro!!

Of course, I cannot leave my 2 year old grandson out of the loop. He has taken an interest in cooking too so his mom and dad got him a kitchenette for Christmas. He already has an apron that he got as a birthday party favor a few weeks ago so I made him this coloring book tote. I made this by the seat of my pants and didn't think it through far enough. I made the tubes for the crayons too tall. Oh well, granny made it so I am hoping that is all that matters. I may make him a new and improved version for his birthday in March.


Mikol said...

That apron is too cute! I love how that apron pattern is adjustable. Your coloring book tote is fun, maybe you could run another stitch along the bottom of the crayon pockets to shorten them. Either way, I'm sure your grandson will love it.

Merry said...

The apron is too cute and I am sure she will love wearing it while cooking in the kitchen. If anything like my daughter at that age it will be hard to get off her. Really like that tote idea too.

Anonymous said...

That is adorable Thearica! I am sure Allie likes her new apron and Parker his new tote!

Bobbi said...

I love that apron!!! the crayon tote is really adorable too. i have boys and 1 who has always loved to color and draw. have fun cooking with the kids!

bingo~bonnie said...

Oh, that apron is tooooo cute! If Allie is anything like Nora she will la,la,LOVE it! ;)

and you are BRAVE to give your 2 year old grandson crayons... haha - I have two 2 year olds and they are not allowed to have crayons unless they are fastened in their booster seats at the kitchen table. haha!

Love from Texas! ~bonnei