June 14, 2009

A Quilt For My Mother

As I have said in several post on my blog, I am a member of the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum. I have made many friends in the 6 years I have been a member and these ladies are all so awesome! When we found out 2 years ago that my mother had cancer, many of these women prepared my mother a Sunbonnet Sue or Overall Bill block to applique while she was recovering from her cancer surgery.

Well, the quilt has finally been finished and was presented to my mother this weekend. It is beautiful!

I quilted the words to the poem "What Cancer Cannot Do" in the inner black border.

It cannot cripple love
It cannot shatter hope
It cannot erode faith
It cannot destroy peace
It cannot kill friendship
It cannot destroy memories
It cannot silence courage
It cannot invade the soul
It cannot steal eternal life
It cannot conquer the spirit

Mother calls it her "Quilt of Hope". She told me this morning that she slept under it last night and it was like sleeping under one huge prayer! It was very comforting!

Here are the photos of this awesome quilt!

Thank you ladies for making my mother feel so very loved!

Edited to update: Mother passed on to the sweeter side on September 1, 2009. I covered her with her quilt before they closed the casket. She is wrapped in love for eternity!


Merry said...

What a beautiful quilt and what a lovely thing your mother said...sleeping under one big prayer.

JessicaSews said...

Thearica.....it's wonderful to see it finished and with Mom!
BTW....Mom is looking beautiful!

The quilt looks great!


bingo~bonnie said...

what a work of love... from each of the friends who made the blocks... to your mom appliqueing around them... to you quilting it!

I love the idea of the poem written in stitches around it. What a powerful prayer indeed! ;)

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Zonnah said...

It is beautiful!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

What a heart-wrenching story. condolences

Allie said...

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Lonci said...

Beautiful quilt, congratulations:)

SewCalGal said...

Absolutely beautiful quilt. Great colors, fabric & classic design. You did fantastic job.

Thanks for sharing this quilt, and your story. And for participating in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival.


Carol said...

A beautiful quilt and a very touching story.

kathy said...

Beautiful. I love the meaningful-ness of work done as a prayer for a loved one.

Latane Barton said...

How sad. I know that you are comforted by your Mom's quilt being with her now.

Mary P said...

What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing something so personal.