May 6, 2009

My Friend Lisa

Lisa is one of the 70 ladies who attended the quilters retreat with me last weekend! She and I both collect pigs so I gave her my challenge piece to take home with her.

Each member of the retreat was given a FQ of a fabric with cows on it and we had to make something with it for the challenge. You could only use that one FQ of the challenge fabric but we could use other fabrics with it. I had purchased the ticking fabric w/ pigs on it back in the 80's from Dollar General when they sold flat folded fabric and it was perfect for my idea. I made a cow and used the FQ for his slicker (like the cowboys wore years ago, draped over the horses butts to keep them warm too) except this cow was riding my pig and the slicker was keeping the pigs butt warm. I made a sign that said "New Hampshire or Bust!" and hung it from the pigs tail!

Making that sign brought back memories for me when I was a cheerleader in high school. Our sponsor signed us up for a cheerleader camp in Birmingham at the University and we all packed in to her station wagon. We took shoe polish and wrote "Birmingham or Bust" on the back window. Well, we busted!!! We had to sit in a service station for about 3 hours before finally being brought a rental van so we could finish our trip to the college campus!

Thank goodness, Karen and I did not bust on our way to the quilters retreat! :) LOL

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Merry said...

That is too cute the cow on the the story about the shoe polish.