December 5, 2012

Creating Smiles - One Child ~~ One Quilt - At A Time!

 2013 Quilt Drive!

Charity is near and dear to my heart so you can tell as you read over past post on my blog.  I have been involved with charity work for over 30 years varying from working with a volunteer fire department, my Alma Mater, having benefits for families who needed help, and making quilts for children and the sick, and helping to raise funds for different organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House and the Susan G. Komen  Foundation.  It is part of what makes me, ME.

I have been working with The Masonic Home for Children and The Central Children's Home, both in Oxford, NC for some time with the ongoing help of quilters from the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum, presenting the children who reside at both homes, quilts to call their very own.  These children live in the homes for various reasons and the gift of a quilt can go a long way in making them feel special and loved.

 When we present these quilts I always ask the cottage caretakers to never discipline the children by taking away their quilts and they always give me their word that such an act will never happen.
Would you consider helping us reach the remaining children at these homes?  Can you make a quilt to send for a child?  We would truly appreciate any and all support from quilters far and wide!

Due to health problems with my legs, I am asking for finished quilts as I cannot quilt very much myself at the moment.  I will be making a few to present myself but I cannot stand and quilt several that might get sent in as tops on top of the ones I will be making too.  I hope you all understand.

 The children range in age from 6 weeks to 18 years of age so we need quilts ranging in sizes from at least 54 x 62 and up to 72 x 80. Please put a label on the back that will have a place for me to write the child's name so that their quilt can never be questioned who it belongs to. Feel free to put your name on the label as well so the child can see who gave them the quilt (first name only is sufficient)  and your location would be great.  Just be sure to have a spot for the child's name.

This will be an on-going quilt drive for the year 2013 so do not feel that you have to "hurry up" and get a quilt finished.  They house the children 5 to a cottage within a 5 year age span so as I get multiples of 5 quilts in the same size, my friend Marie and I will go over and present those quilts.

I will always post photos of the presentations but due to privacy laws, I cannot post photos of the children's faces.  Here are a few of the past presentations to the children. This is the way photos have to be made in order to make them public on the internet.

We hope that you will consider helping us to reach the many children who live in these homes with a quilt that they can call their very own.

Thank you to all who will answer this call. :)

Please comment on this post if you would like to be a part of this and I will start a list of quilters with a link to your blog.  Non-bloggers are also welcome and encouraged to participate!

When you are ready to mail your quilt in please send an email for my mailing information.

I will keep a count of everyone's quilts as they come in and at the end of the year, 2 weeks before Christmas,  I will put your name in a drawing the number of times as the same number of quilts you sent in throughout the year.

I will draw 3 names from all of the entries and send nice prizes for participating!

Please grab the button and add it to your sidebars to help spread the word.



Beth said...

I'm in! It will be a little while before mine is ready, but I am committed to working on charity projects at the same time I work on gifts for the children in our extended family, who already have so much to be thankful for.

Anna said...

I have book-marked this page. I will do my very best, but I don't want to promise something and then not deliver. If I can get a quilt together, I'll email you then. Besides the size, is there anything specifically you're looking for (neutrals so you can give it to either a boy or a girl)?

Thearica said...

I will leave all decisions on the quilts to the quilt maker. There are as many boys as there are girls in both homes so whatever fabric you choose will be perfect. Thanks so very much!

Needled Mom said...

I am also going to try to help. It is such a great cause.

Thearica said...

Thanks so much Beth!

Thearica said...

Thanks Mary!

Anonymous said...

LOL Thearica, you are truely a girl after my own heart. I will try to get some to you, but no promises. I have to get my LA machine fixed, seems that the bushings are worn out. Which is strange as we have not done that many quilts since buying it. The pictures are truely "quilts with feet".LOL I love them!!! Sara In AL (no blog,must be anon)Magnolia Threadcatchers!