September 23, 2012

I Won Something SUPER Nice!!

I just got a call from 66 wonderful quilters!!!  They had me on speaker phone!!

Where are all of these quilters?  They are in branson, MO at the 6th Annual Circle Of Friends Quilting Retreat!   This retreat was started 6 years ago as an annual event to bring the quilters of the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum together in a more personable way and it is an awesome retreat every single year!

 If you would like a glimpse in to one of our retreats, this is the POST where I shared photos and write ups of the COF Retreat in April 2011 that I hosted in Charlotte, NC!  You can tell that this group of ladies know how to have some serious good times together!  COF 2011

Do you recall the post about the 2012 Ronald McDonald House fundraiser!
The Ronald McDonald House has become dear and close to the hearts of all of us quilters on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum!  We have raised well over 10,000.00 from the quilters making quilts (from their own pockets) and then using them to raise money to help the RMH!

Lindsay has been overseeing this years fundraiser while hostessing the 6th Annual Circle Of Friends Quilting Retreat in Branson, MO!  The funds this year have, as of today, been presented to the Springfield, MO RMH!!  I did not get a chance to ask her how much was raised but 2 days before the retreat began this past Thursday, almost 2800.00 had already been raised.  Lindsay was going to sell tickets up through last night so I am sure she went well over the 3,000.00 mark!

I am feeling like one lucky little duck this morning!!  I won 2 of the quilts and 1 of the baskets!!!  You cannot get any luckier than that!!  But, I am not keeping all of that goodness for myself... I am sharing!  I would not feel right keeping such an awesome loot!!

I kept saying that I did not care if I won anything as long as I won my friend Bluesnail's quilt!  from the moment it arrived here at my house, I was just in awe of it!  It is made from the churn dash design, my Granny Ida's all time favorite!!  How could I not love it!  It was in orange, black and white fabrics.. and although I have always strayed away from orange, since that quilt came in to this house, I have been making things with orange fabrics! ha!

Isn't this a gorgeous quilt!!  And it is all mine now!! 

 My friend warmbuns is hosting a small retreat for some of us in November so she will be taking it with her from the retreat in Branson and hand delivering it to me in Odenville, AL when we see each other in 6 1/2 weeks!  I am so giddy!!  Bluesnail will be at the retreat in Odenville as well and I will get a photo of both of us with the quilt and share it with you.

I also won yet another quilt!!!  YEP! I did say lucky duck didn't I??  I also won the quilt that was made and donated by my friend mountainlaurel.

Lindsay, as hostess of the retreat,  had not won a quilt and since she worked so hard getting the retreat planned and brought to these fantastic ladies, I had it presented to her as my thank you for all of her hard work and time given to the forum! Love you girl!

And if 2 quilts were not enough!!  YES!!  I won one of these awesome baskets filled to the brim with tons of sewing related items!!!

I am also going to share this with another friend of mine who was at the retreat I hosted and also at this years retreat!  Her daughter brought her to the retreat in Charlotte because it was in their backdoor and she knew her mom would have a fabulous time!  And she did!  Well, that got her hooked so when sign ups went live for the Branson retreat, she was right in there signing up to go!  She is also taking part on our forum now that she has met all of these fabulous quilters and has made so many new friends!

Ms. Mildred... You are truly a remarkable lady!  And it would be my pleasure to share my wealth with you!  I will be going by to see her when we go to Odenville in November.

WOW!! What a way to wake up on a beautiful Sunday morning!!

Thank you God for all of my many blessings which include all of my quilting friends!


Sheila said...

Congratulations on your three wins ,wow it sure was your lucky day . You are such a kind person to share your winnings in such a wonderful way :-)

SewCalGal said...

Congratulations on your wins. Look like great quilty fun. Enjoy!


Gene Black said...

Congrats on your wins AND on your generous heart in sharing your bounty. Odenville? As in Alabama???? That is less than an hour away. It would be wonderful if we could schedule a meet-up while you are that close.

Thearica said...

Gene.. I think we actually have a few spots left at the retreat if you wanted to come and sew with a bunch of women for 3 days! The owner cooks all of our meals and has snacks out all day! We just sit, sew, and laugh together all weekend!

Would you like for me to ask the hostess?

Debbie said...

Congratulations on that super win, Thearica! I think it's super that you're sharing so much of it with others!

ShirleyC said...

That's awesome! And even more awesome for you to share with your friends.

Unknown said...



Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

That's a truly heart-warming post to read this evening, Thearica. You're a gem among jewels and I thank you for being such a generous woman.