May 26, 2011

2011 Circle Of Friends Quilting Retreat!

I have just hosted my first ever large gathering of 81 women and I have to say that I enjoyed every minute from the onset of the planning stages up until the very last minute when we had to load our vehicles and come back home!  It was a year in the making and I could not have asked for it to have been any better than it was! Sure, we had a couple of snafus, which event doesn't, but overall it was an awesome 4 day event! ... and 6 - 8 days for some!!  We always have a few who come in a few days before and stay a few days after to tour the area.
This was our 5th annual retreat, which started out in Minnesota (2007), moved to Texas (2008), then on to New Hampshire (2009), ended up in Oregon (2010), before settling in here in North Carolina for the 5th Anniversary!!  September 2012 will find us all in Missouri for the 6th year!  And after that, we have 3 groups discussing the possibility of hosting so we will most likely have 2013 - 2015 taken care of and wind up in either GA, NY, or LA (or could be MS from this same group).  I sure hope they all committ! :)  There is one thing for sure, we all better keep our luggage packed and be set on ready!  And feed those piggy banks!! :)

And here I give you a photo of the quilters who came from far and near to attend the retreat! We have 33 states represented in this photo! Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut , Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington State, West Virginia, and Wisconsin!!  And last but CERTAINLY not least we also have New Zealand represented!! One of our New Yorkers flew home to new Zealand and brought her mom back so she could attend the retreat! How awesome was that!!

Click on the photo for a larger view and when that size opens, you can click on it once more and it will even be larger!
 We started the event out on Thursday morning getting the early birders registered and at noon the hotel set us up in a hospitality room until we gained access to the ball room at 6 p.m. Some of the ladies had made small gifts for everyone and they started giving them away while waiting to go to our ball room.

One of my committee members had the early birders playing Strip Poker and FQ Bingo by 3pm and there was a lot of excitement coming from that room!  You could hear hollering and laughing when someone won the stack of fabric strips in the poker game so I knew they were enjoying themselves immensely!

Over the course of the past year I hosted a round robin with 40 of the quilters who were going to attend the retreat and at noon I was able to take a few of my committee members into the ballroom and hang them all around the room so when everyone came in at 6 p.m. they would be surprised with the show of quilts!  When we opened the doors to the ballroom at 6 and the quilters started filing in, you could have heard a pin drop for a few seconds.  They were in awe! They did not expect this and I was very happy that I could make it happen for them! All of the quilts are gorgeous!!

 Here are all 40 robins. These may or may not be grouped together as they were sewn.
Jean, aka Jayardi, always hosts an Early Bird Dinner for those who come in before the retreat begins on Friday. We gathered at 7 p.m. for a dinner of homemade pizza, delicious chicken wings, potato salad, garden salad, homemade bread, pecan pie and a scrumptious coconut cake!!

After dinner we played another round of FQ Bingo and then sat and visited!  By the end of dinner we had about 90% of the attendees already present at the hotel! That was a record!

How about in closing of the first day I show you the wonderful place that I contracted with to hold the 4 day weekend! Hilton University Place in Charlotte, NC is the most awesome hotel I have ever stayed at!!  The food, beds, staff, grounds, EVERYTHING is just awesome!!  I could lie in those beds all day!  I didn't get to sleep much and I have said I want to go back just for a weekend to enjoy the beds and eat some more of that delicious cooking!! The chicken quesidillas are delicious!!! Take a look!  I think you will agree the place is fantastic!  (I will space the hotel photos over all 4 posts just to keep you wanting to see more of this awesome place!)


Friday morning the ballroom was opened by 7 a.m. and the quilters started drifting in.  By 9:00 we had our first classes underway!  We had classes ranging from longarm quilting, domestic machine quilting, shashiko technique, dottie dolls, binding, african embroidery, mosaic art quilt, CQ seam treatments, fabric flowers, back basting hand applique, needleturn applique, and a class on creating spiders and webs for crazy quilting!  A huge line up sure to please everyone!

We broke for lunch and some of the committee members took this time to put our FQ Challenge entries on display!  After sign ups for the retreat were over, each retreat goer was given a FQ of 2 different fabrics and had the chance to create something using at least 50% of the fabric in their creation.  They could incorporate any other fabrics they wanted but they could not use any more of the challenge fabric.  They could enter 1 - 2 - or 3 items....

My brother-n-law Pete Pernell designed a special fabric for the challenge.  The theme of this year's retreat was "All About North Carolina BBQ" so I asked him to design a fabric with pigs on it and also give attention to NC farming as well. We contracted with Spoonflower to print the fabric for us which they did at a reduced price as their sponsorship toward the retreat. I think Pete did a fantastic job with the fabric!
J & O Fabrics graciously donated enough yardage of the following fabric for each retreater to have a FQ to create something for a second chance in the challenge!  I know a lot of the retreaters breathed a sigh of relief because the pig fabric did pose a much harder challenge!  The reason I asked for this fabric was because Krispy Kreme Doughnuts first opened their doors in Winston Salem, NC in 1937!
 I wanted to keep both fabrics tied to NC history and I accomplished that with both fabrics!  Enjoy the following photos of several of the entries in this year's challenge!

At 1:00 p.m. we all gathered together to start the retreat off with Meet and Greet!  I started the session off with the welcome address! Now I am no speaker by any means so I begged the help of Toby and Rondi and they helped me write my lines so I wouldn't embarrass myself in front of all these women!
During this session each person was able to come up to the front with 1 show and tell item and to introduce themselves to everyone.  This took close to 3 hours to get through all 81 ladies but it was so worth the time.  We saw some fabulous quilts and other projects that were brought to share! Here are just a handful...

The ladies were very attentive!

We had a treat in store for the ladies at 4:30 p.m.!!  Phil Morgan of Seagrove, NC agreed to come and present a pottery demonstration for the ladies!  Pottery is BIG in the western part of NC and I was so glad to be able to bring this history to the ladies!  For most of these ladies it was their first trip here and might be their only trip so I wanted them to take home with them something of our heritage! I was slightly worried if it would be a hit or not but when Phil leaned back in his chair and put his right foot over his left knee, I knew everything was alright!  He was in his element and they were really interested in what he had to say!

Before he got started and got his hands dirty we presented him with a token of appreciation for coming and being with us.  My brother-n-law Eddie Herbster turned several pens from old tobacco sticks for the retreat and we gave Phil one of these.
 He then proceeded to get started with his demonstration. He shared a lot of information about how he got started in throwing clay and all through his presentation he referenced children and the need to show them the arts! He spoke about how he finds his clay and how he fires his pieces.  His whole presentation was very interesting!  A lot of the ladies kept talking to him after he was finished and several bought a piece of his work to take back home with them!  We also had purchased enough coffee mugs from Phil beforehand so that everyone there would have a mug to take home with them! I was very pleased that it went so well!

After Phil's presentation he had dinner with us!  We also were graced with the presence of 4 of Charlotte's finest in uniform!  We were holding a raffle drawing after dinner for some quilts which the proceeds will benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association so the Charlotte Fire Department sent us 4 of their finest firemen to draw the tickets for us! The menu for Friday night was our kick-off dinner of NC BBQ, fried chicken, slaw, baked beans, potato salad, and hush puppies!  The food was excellent!!

For dessert I wanted to have something extra special so I ordered a cake from Cakes by Tami there in Charlotte, NC! I think it speaks for itself!!  I LOVED it and I hope everyone at the retreat did too!  It was delicious that is for sure!!

After dinner was over we went back to the ballroom for the raffle!  The firemen one by one pulled tickets until they had drawn over 30 winners!!  4200.00 was raised for the Muscular Dystrophy Association! yea! Here are a few of the quilts won that night and the firemen who drew the tickets!

Jean, aka Jayardi, is the host of this raffle which was in conjunction with a challenge that she issues on the HGTV Forum once a year called the Scraps To Treasures Challenge!  This was her 5th anniversary of her challenge so she asked to tie it together with the 5th anniversary of the raffle!  Jean is on the left and I am on the right!
We also presented each firemen with one of the tobacco stick ink pens for coming and taking the time to be with us! Thank you for a job well done!
After the raffle everyone was really exhausted but not exhausted enough not to play FQ Bingo!!  They love their FQ Bingo!!  After a game or two they finally all got ready to head  for those soft feathery beds upstairs in their rooms!!!  I know I was ready! :)

In closing for today's installment, here are some random shots of the ladies having fun together!

See you tomorrow for the bus ride to Mary Jo's Cloth Store!!

oops..almost forgot... More shots of our awesome hotel!

I wanted to post this one last raffle quilt which was won by one of my blog readers!!  Lynda Otvos is a regular reader and has started taking part in the raffles that I speak of here on the blog.  She won a quilt last year when I held the Ronald McDonald House Raffle and now she has won again this year!!  Congratulations Lynda!!
 See you tomorrow!!

Saturday morning found everyone up bright and early getting ready for a road trip!!  We were taking a bus down the road to Mary Jo's Cloth Store!! Victor, over at Charlotte Party Charters, sent one of his drivers over to pick us up in one of his double decker buses! That bus was so cool!!

 We get everyone loaded and we are on our way!  But before we can leave we have to make sure everyone is on board so we have a head count!
And Aaron, our bus driver, puts down some windows so it won't be so hot upstairs!
Then we are off and running down I85 towards all that fabric!!  FABRIC!! Over 32,000 sq feet of fabric and notions all under one roof!!! Mary Jo's was the perfect place to take all of these ladies!! I knew they would love the place!

We shopped for 3 1/2 hours ... some of us harder than others!!! I think she won the prize!!! GO! Bluesnail!!
Happy shoppers!! and hungry and ready for lunch!!

Here is a group shot of some of the ladies just outside of Ryan's!  The manager set us up in a section where we could all eat together and gave us a great price as well!! The food was yummy!
On the way back to the hotel everyone was shopped out, full as a tick, and tired... and some were a little more frazzled than others... LOL
We returned back to the hotel with a few minutes to freshen up and get back to the ballroom for classes which started at 4 p.m. As was Friday, todays classes were just as awesome! We had shuttle tatting, designing quilts from photos (lecture with Cathy Wiggins), mini CQ hearts, paper piecing, liberated piecing, creating a photo quilt, free motion quilting, clay faces and longarm quilting!  Classes sure to please everyone!

 Sometimes the teacher is injured during classes..ha!!.. Dec did it!! :)
After classes were over we were taken to another area of the hotel for dinner! The menu was really delicious! Fettucine Alfredo, Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, ceasar salad, fruit salad, garlic bread and cannollis!

After dinner the ladies were treated to a special trunk show by area quilt artist, Cathy Wiggins of The Quilter's Spirit! Cathy came to be with us for the entire weekend to enjoy the retreat as well as teach 2 lectures and have her trunk show! Thank you so much Cathy!!

Cathy Wiggins was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina, a small town east of Raleigh. She grew up with a love for art and creating. She learned at a young age from her father who was an avid furniture more on her website!

Cathy wowed us all with her gorgeous work! You can tell that she puts many hours  into what she is creating!  I have personally hired her to do a quilt portraying my grandchildren.  When I asked her about doing it for me she said that she could teach me to do it but I quickly told her that I wanted it done right!  I told her, "There are many people who do portrait quilts... but there is a big difference in those who do it and those who do it well!"  There is one thing about it, Cathy knows exactly what she is doing!!! Portrait quilts are not the only quilts Cathy makes but her quilts are my favorite of all portrait quilt artists!

Enjoy the following photos of the quilts from her trunk show!

Although it was not at the retreat I wanted to show you the quilt she made for me of my grandchildren.
After Cathy's trunk show we all gathered to play another round of FQ Bingo before we dismissed for the night!

I have to share these 2 photos that I found while browsing to see which ones would go with which paragraph... This just goes to show..some of us got more rest than others did.. lol... Wake up Carol!! :)

In closing for today's events I will share more photos of the ladies and the fun we all had!

See you tomorrow for the final day! :)


Well, Sunday came much too fast for most of us!  I wish we could have had at least 3 more days to spend together! Maybe one of these days we can have a week long event! ha!

Bright and early at 8 a.m. we all met outside for our group photo!  We all walked outside to a glorious day!  I got out my attendees list and started calling roll so everyone could be accounted for so we forgot no-one.  All but 4 made it out for the photo...some were too tired to make it down so early... I wish we all could have been in the photo but I understood.

After the photo we all went back inside for prizes and awards.  We announced the FQ Challenge winners and gave out other awards which included who came the fartherest.  Our friend Jane_Kiwi had flown to New Zealand to bring her mother back for the event! Sue is a very sweet lady and I always enjoyed talking with her during the retreat! She gifted me with a piece of fabric that she had brought with her that had Kiwi Birds on it.  I think I shall make a coin purse with it so I can take it with me where I go.  This is Jane and her beautiful mom!
We also had some other mother/daughter pairs at the retreat...
And sisters...

We also even had some hubbys...even though they made themselves scarce while we were busy having fun!  They found many things to do in Charlotte!
And one was even willing to spend his weekend helping all of us out by being the shuttle driver! Thank you Chris!!
After our awards presentation we had our last session of classes!  Today's classes included shuttle tatting, hunter star, free motion quilting, rope bowls, silk ribbon embroidery with a twist, reverse applique, longarm quilting, and a lecture by Cathy Wiggins, Blocking 101.

By the time we finished with classes everyone was hungry!! We headed down the hall to a delicious lunch of turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn muffins, cranberry sauce, apple pie and peach cobbler! YUM YUM!!

We met back in the ballroom for a last game of strip poker before I gave the farewell address!  It was a very emotional time for me as well as a lot of the retreat goers! We are always sad to see Sunday come because we know it is time to go home.  We all had a fantastic time and for some of us it wasn't over because several were staying a day or two extra so the hotel gave us the ballroom until midnight!

At 4 p.m. we loaded up in vehicles of those who drove to the retreat and headed back down  I85 for Long Creek Mills Thread Outlet! The owner ususally does not open on Sunday but when I called and told him about the ladies he invited us in on Sunday afternoon for refreshments and a free gift (which he sent to put in the welcome bags). He had Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for everyone!!  I had told him about the fabric they used for one of the FQ Challenge projects so he brought the doughnuts full circle!  I did not know he was going to do that but it was really great! The ladies had a wonderful time in his shop!

After we returned back to the hotel we all went separate ways for dinner.  I met Susan Brubaker Knapp for dinner and a few of the retreaters joined us as well.  Susan presented a trunk show of her work after dinner for those staying overnight. She was an awesome end to such a fantastic retreat! I had never sat through one of her trunk shows either and it was terrific! here are shots of her fabulous work!


After Susan's trunk show I figured the ladies would be so exhausted that they would scoot right up to their rooms!  But no! We had one more thing on the schedule and when I asked them if they wanted to cull that they immediately said they wanted to do it.  So, they met with toryam and made themselves a scissors fob while some of my committee members and a few retreat goers helped me start clearing the ballroom.  By the time I got in my bed that night, I was bushed!!  I think I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow!

So now I gladly hand the torch over to Lindsay!!  She will be hosting our 6th annual retreat in Branson Missouri in 2012!!
In closing I wish to thank our many sponsors!! Without their awesome generosity, we would not have had such fantastic thank you prizes, challenge prizes and door prizes!! We had 3 quilt stands, 5 Ott Lites, Go Baby Cutter with 5 dies, Slice Fabric Cutter, Pearl necklace and a huge host of patterns, fabrics, tools, and so many other things I will paste the list right here for you to see!

We had a welcome banner made by Sonja and her husband Chris that hung in front of the committee table during the retreat!  I cannot find a full head on shot of it in anyone's photos but this one shows it very well.

1. Karen Feltner (MayBaby - HGTV)
7 Fat Quarters
4 Pickett Fence patterns

2. Hancock's of Paducah -
$20.00 Gift Certificate

3. Marie Jones
Seam Ripper - Embroidery Needles - Marking Pen

4. Chris (cksvett - HGTV)
Project case

5. Mary Ann Cain (mcpatches - HGTV)
12 set BOM - A Gathering Of Flowers

6. Jubilee Homespun -
5 Patterns:
"Ragged Homespun" - (3) Snowman Quilts -- Stocking Pattern -- Christmas Tree Skirt

7. Elaine Roberts (quiltingnewbie2 - HGTV)
Welcome Snowmen BOM with Fabrics 
HoHoHoHo Santa BOM with Fabrics

8. Rafta's
Handmade Tote w/ Birds and fruit Fabric

9. Shabby Fabrics -
2 patterns
80 covered buttons w/ coupons

10. Fat Quarter Shop -
90 fat Quarters

11. Kathy Shaw (shawkl - HGTV) -
7 books:
Embellishing Crazy Quilts
Birds and Flowers Album
Irresistible Embroidered Bags
Fabric Art Journals
Dear Hannah
Judith Baker Montano
Best of 4 Blocks
$50 Gift Card

12. Margot Shea (muggomuggo - HGTV)
4" & 6" Bias Square Ruler
Book - Endless Stars

13. Lazy Girl Designs -
(2) Maggie patterns

14. Electric Quilt Company -
Stars and Sets Software

15. Omnigrid -
6 1/2" Triangle
4 1/2" square
6" x 12" ruler

100 FQ's with Needlebooks and coupons

17. Batiks by Design -
(2) $10.00 Gift Certificates
(10) Fat Eighth Bundles

18. Jackie Brown (cr8tve1 - HGTV)
Paper Piecing The Seasons
Butterfly Album
Best of 4 Blocks and More
Fancy Feathered Friends
Cats In Quilts
Baltimore Brides
Quilted Animals
All About Trapunto
Pillow Party
Scrap Quilting
Perfect Piecing

Fabric Bundle
(2) Stitch and Zip Kits
Quilters Dye It Treats
Mini Craft Iron
Red Magnetic Needle Tray
91 FQ's
Charm Squares w/ pins for game

19. Gifts For Quilters -
2 sets notecards Mary Englebreit
Charm Bracelet
Scissors Fob
Stationary Set

20. Pam Russell (NICUnurse - HGTV)
Triangulations CD
Leaving Riverton Novel w/ Pattern Book

21. Quilt Fabric Closeouts -
90 Bags
90 Ink Pens

100 seam rippers
$25.00 Gift Certificate

23. Peanut Roaster (Henderson, NC)
Gift Bag

24. J & O Fabrics -
FQ Challenge Fabric - Donut Fabric

Reduction in price for Pig FQ Challenge fabric

26. Sherry Rogers Harrison -
6 Dainty Ditcher Rulers

27. Lynne Struble (sewlove2quilt - HGTV)
2 pincushion/thread catchers

28. Andi Conner (pandibear - HGTV)
12 Books:
Basket Quilt Show
9 Patch Pizazz
Fat Quarter Quilts
7 Day Quilts
Town and Country
Save The Scraps
Weekend Scrap Quilting
One Day Easter Crafts
The Nursery Rhyme Quilt
Patches and Posies
Weekend Quilting Wonders
Applique Made Easy

29. Cheryl Ann's Design Wall -
$25.00 Gift Certificate

(6) In A Twinkle Books

31. Cheerwine -
(4) 24 pack cases Cheerwine Cola

32. Karen Rumsey (IBSewin - HGTV)
Lazy Girl Purse Insert

33. The Hair Shoppe (via SCLady)
$25.00 towards 2011 sponsorships

34. Libby Harris (SCLady - HGTV)
$31.00 towards 2011 sponsorships

35. Nationwide Insurance (Oxford, NC)
$25.00 towards 2011 sponsorships

36. Colleen Anderson (alexemmarose - HGTV)
$25.00 towards 2011 sponsorships

37. Dianne Ellsworth (luvthosequilts - HGTV)
$75.00 towards 2011 sponsorships
Box of goodies for welcome bags

38.  Nicki Seavey (Nickilee - HGTV)
$20.00 towards 2011 sponsorships
Tin w/ Complete Crazy Quilt Kit
Santa and The Guys Wallhanging Kit

39. Thearica Burroughs (quiltaholic - HGTV)
$259.00 towards 2011 sponsorships
2 charm packs
82 button packs and/or iron-on appliques
Pencil pouch
2 picture frames

40. Mildred Burroughs
10 Gently Used Jennifer Chivareni Books

41. Kathys Patchwork -
Jim Shore Kit

42. International Fabric Collection -
Japenese Star Kit

43. Starr Design Fabric -
Spring Surprise Project Pack

44. Just Curves - Home Of The Curve Master -
Curve Master Foot w/ Tweezers

45. Wilson Calico Corner -
Quilters Candy jar

46. Country Heirlooms -
5 patterns:
Angels Watching Over You
Iris & Butterflies Wallhanging
The Legendary Dogwood
Magnolia Wallhanging
Tantalizing Tulip

47. Maendeleo Imports -
12 African FQ's

48. Beba's Enterprises  -
7 cutting mats
24" Easy Square Ruler

49. Baskets Boxes Things North
Embroidery Scissors

50. The Village Mercantile  -
Bare Roots Kit

51. Cherrywood fabrics  -
(3) Wool fabric packs

52. MJP Design -
(2) Packs of Transfer Eze

53. Golden Hands Enterprises  Atlanta, GA
Measure Matic

54. Laura Murray Designs -
Chrysanthemum Stencil

55. Aurifil -
10 single spools thread
(3) 5 packs thread

56. Donita Reeves -
4 AccuGlide Rulers

57. Bella Fabrics -
2 rolls stabilizer for welcome bags
6 spools bobbin thread for welcome bags

32 patterns:
Sheltering Tree
Then Came October
Home Sweet Home (2)
Whitlock (4)
Rubys Flower Basket (9)
Pacific Tide (6)
Bainbridge (7)

59. Columbia River Quilting -
18 stencils
Quilters Survival Kit
Bobbin Box
Seam Squizzers
7 cones machine quilting thread:
 a. Signature varigated
 b. Signature 100% cotton
 c. Masterpiece Alex Anderson
 d. Sew Fine
 e. Bottom Line
 f. Rainbow
 g. King Tut

60. Fabric Cafe -
Lunar Garden Wallhanging

2 books:
Hope Will Light Your Way
A Mom Is A Gift From God
(3) Fabric Bundles

62. Patsy Thompson -
Free Motions Fun With Feathers DVD

63. Tidewater Sew n Vac -
6 spools Floriani Thread

64. Tricia Cribbs -
86 Books - My Best Sunday Bloomers
1 Book - Turning Twenty Slappique

65. Trish Borg (Kentucky Sunshine - HGTV)
2 Cat Pincushions

66. Quiltboxes -

67. Abbi Mays -
Mini Fold Away Omnigird Rotary mat
Texas Truffle Chocolat Pattern
Fingertip Rotary Cutter
Fresh Air Charm pack
Look and Learn Charm Pack
Mini Jelly Roll
Batik Bundle

68. Accuquilt -
Go! Baby!
6 Dies
2 mats

69. Lynette Anderson -
Happiness Is
Irish Birds
Quilt Shop
My Sewing Room
Barnyard Hens
Spring Garden

70. Dee Tackett (quiltingbug - HGTV)
6 sets 4 1/2" strips
Quilters Collectibles August 2006
Loralei Designs Fabric Bundle
Grab bag For Crazies
Poinsettia Pattern
Portable Table Carrying Case Pattern
1 FQ
24 Simplicity and McCalls Craft Patterns
Log Cabin Omnigrid Rotary Cutting Kit
101 Log cabin Blocks
24 Flower Quilt Blocks
Postage Stamp Quilts
JoAnn - Your Guide To Creativity
Simply Green Sewing
Delightful Piecing
Wandering Geese
Liberty Homestead
Pinwheel Star
Mane Squeeze
Goblins Goody Shirts
Turtles & Frogs
Best Quilt Tops

71. Robbie Fields -
10 sets Success Strips

72. Heat Press Batting -
88 rolls 1 1/2" wide
3 rolls 3/4 inch wide

73. Quilters Dream Batting -
6 mini packs cotton stuffing
Quilters Dream Wool - Craft Size
(2) Quilters Dream Puff - Craft Size
(2) Quilters Dream Green - Throw Size
Quilters Dream Blend - Craft Size

74. The Gadget Girls -
Heart Template
Janet Lee's Favorite Ruler

75. Lacey J. Hill - Golden Thyme Designs -
Emperors Snuggler
Viva La Paris
Sugar & Spice
A Day At The Fair
Plum Blossom Wool Fan

76. Patricia Eaton -
Painted Canvas/Batting

77. Stencil & Stitch -
(6) large Flower Yo-Yo Makers
(9) small Heart Yo-Yo Makers
(15) large Round Yo-Yo Makers
(9) large Heart Yo-Yo Makers
(6) xsmall Round Yo-Yo Makers
21 Crochet Lites
(2) 18 mm Clover Rotary Cutter
(2) Clover Thread Clipper
(2) 18 mm Blade Refills
(2) Ring Finger Pincushion
(2) Rotary Cutter Case
(2) Mini Iron Cooling Bag
(6) Double Sided Thimble
(20) Layout Planners
8 patterns:
(2) An Apple A day
(2) Frosty Try Outs
(2) Floral Star
(2)Gathering Of Eagles

78. R & S Designs -
Pattern Board

79. Quiltzilla (HGTV) -
8 Hunter Star Rulers
(5) Marble Game
(10) Tiddly Winks
(10) Quilted Quickies
(5) Open Gate
(6) Confetti Charm
(6) In The Meadow
(10) Cottage Rose
(10) Stairway To Heaven
(5) Table Gifts
(10) Zinnias
(9) Summers Last Bloom

80. Keepsake Quilting -
ABC's of Words On Quilts
Warm Welcome
Quick and Easy Quilts
Four Star
Wine Glass bag
Insulated Cold pack market Bag
Another by Anita
Diamonds Are Forever
Atta Girl Shoulder Bag
Purse Accessories DVD

81. Kathleen Courier (kc1930 - HGTV)
Book - Love Of Quilts
COF 2011 Thermos
Quilter Driving Car Tag Cover
FQ Bundle

82. Patricia Mills (stitchn)
Quilt n Go lap Frame

83. Cheryl Phillips Fiber Arts -
Circle Of Friends (5)
Midnight Flight (2)
hawaiian Sun
Dresdan Runner
The Summer Solstice
Water Wheel
Moroccan Tile
Bronze Mosaic
Circle A Round
Drunkards path
Quilts Without Corners
 Quilts Without Corners Encore

84. Ottlite -
Craft Caddy Lamp
Telescoping Lamp
Task Light
Flip Light
Task Light

85. Wish Upon A Quilt -
Large Jelly Roll of Blenders

86. Eleanor Burns -
Boston Common Quilts
Bears In The Woods
Quilt Blocks On American Barns
Pattern - Turnover Twist

87. Cheryl Kittrick (AuntieReba - HGTV)
Quilting Arts Magazine Summer 2004
Quilting Arts Magazine Spring 2004
McCalls Kitchen cats
Foundation Piecing with a new Attitude

88. Quilter's Rule -
(12) 6" rulers
(6) K.P.Kids & Co. Patterns

89. Thread Art -
6 pack embroidery thread

90. Memory Lane Quilting -
Green Quilt Backing

91. Mary (FishingWidow - HGTV)
Book - It's A Stitch

92. Judi Madsen -
Frame This II
Country Flowers
Morning Bloom
My Bags Are Packed
Quilts Within A Quilt
Summers End
Life Of A Snowman
Quilted Bag
Dancing Diagonals
Layers Of Love
Butterfly Fields

93. Angela Peabody - Sew Much More - Little Rock, Arkansas
$25.00 Gift Certificate

94. Pinwheel Fabrics -
$25.00 Gift Certificate

95. Angela Morris (AngelaC - HGTV)
Laurel Burch Tote
Clementine Cloth Collector Stitchery

96. Owen's Originals -
(3) Telescoping Quilt Stands

97. Cathy Wiggins - The Quilter's Spirit -
Lecture Workshops

98. Jennifer Kay -
Use of 2 Longarms & Classroom Assist

99. Laundry Basket Quilts -
Holding On
North Star
Deep Blue Sea

100. Kelly Jackson - I Have A Notion -
Fast Fun & Easy Creative Fabric Clocks
The Modern Quilt Workshop
Simply Sublime Gifts
The Lampshade Lady's Guide
Getting Started In Punch Needle
Super Strata Quilts
Pinwheel party
Oh My Stars
Stash With Splash Quilts
Quick Little Quilts

Electric Quilt Stash Spring 2010
Snap Sack Posh Posies Kit
Square In A Square CD
Katagami Purse Kit
Titanium Pink Handle 8" Scissors
Titanium Pink Handle 5" Scissors
Robert Kaufman 3 inch square collection
Hasbro Scrabble FQ Bundle
2 pks. Clover Black Gold Needles
7 pks Generation T magnetic Pin Tags
Patch Abilities Happy Birthday pattern
With Thy Needle & Thread Cross Stitch Pattern
Violas pattern

101. Sonja Noskowiak (Dixieldy - HGTV) Infinity Signs
LaQuinta Stay
(4) $25.00 Gift Certificates
Sponsor banner
Pillow Squares
THANK YOU for doing the T-Shirts!

102. Chris Noskowiak
Shuttle Van Driver

103. Quilter's Square Lexington, KY
4 patterns

104. Delta Patchworks -
Moda Tin w/ (53) 5" x 5" squares - Pattern - CD inside
"Oh My" Moda 5" x 5" squares
FQ Bundle
Quilts & More Winter 2010
Antique Quilts Volume 1

105. Rondi Leslie (rondiquilts - HGTV)
Chopsticks/stilettos for all

106. Patsy Sanchez (califgal - HGTV)
Pearl Necklace

107. Oliso -
(2) Oliso irons

108. Golden Threads -
(3) Rolls of 12" paper
Keep On Quilting Pack 1
Simply Sashes Pack
Simply Feathers Pack

109. Jefferson's (via everythingquilts - HGTV)
Case of Apples for Snacks

110. YLI -

111. American Quilters Society -
Books and/or Magazines

112. Bunny Hill Designs -

113. Butch Burroughs
(2) Maple Salad Bowls

114. Phil Morgan -
Live Pottery demonstration

115. Embroidered Image Business and Sportswear -
Reduced Price On Embroidery for Welcome bags

Slice Fabric Cutter

And I leave you with a few more random shots!!

It was fun ladies!! Thank you for allowing me to host!!


ekbuckeye said...

T, thanks for all your hard work getting the retreat together so wonderfully and making it so fun, and for getting the entire weekend on your blog! As my first COF retreat, I'll cherish all the memories and look forward to seeing everyone next year in Branson! Ellen

Kathi said...

Just saw this excellent post. You and your committee did such a great job gathering all of us together. I had such a good time. Reconnecting with friends, learning and teaching. Trunk shows were awesome...the venue was top notch. I thank you for being such a gracious host.