November 9, 2010

Vintage Tuesday

I bring you Vintage Tuesday ......

Compliments of Granny Ida... and yes, as much as she looks spunky... she was every bit of it!  :)
And compliments of Granny Ella!
Granny Ida was my maternal grandmother and Granny Ella, my paternal grandmother.  

I would like to share with you about something I was handed down when these wonderful ladies passed on to the great unknown.

Granny Ella had purchased 2 sets of this creamer / salt and pepper shaker set and gave one to Granny Ida for Christmas many years ago.  I am sure it had a sugar bowl to go with it at one time but neither of those made it through.

When we divided up Granny Ella's things after her death, I was given a bag with several things in it. One being a creamer shaped like a cow.  It was the only piece in the bag.  My aunt told me that there had been other pieces but they had gotten broke over the years.

After Granny Ida died, my Aunt Lurlie gave me a few of her things.  And I could not believe my eyes when she handed me a set of salt and pepper shakes that looked just like the creamer I had received earlier!  And as fate would have it, the other pieces in Granny Ida's possession had been broke and thrown away years before too.

Aunt Lurlie is the one who told me the story of how Granny Ella had given a set to Granny Ida.  I could not believe that between both sides of my family, the set came back together to live with me.  The sugar bowl is still missing and there very well may not have been one.  I am just glad that I can care for these pieces for my grandmothers now. I know they would both smile if they knew the set was brought back together and it was being cared for by me.



Jen said...

Such cute little guys! Bet you were surprised when you opened that second bag! Cute story!

Myra said...

Lets here it for our Grandmas, past and present!!! 8-)
Wonderful keepsakes there for you Thearica, and a wonderful story of how they came to be... Thanks!