September 21, 2010

Vintage Tuesday

I have been wanting to show my readers some of my most prized possessions that my grandmothers and aunts have handed down to me over the years.  Each Tuesday I will show you a photo of some of my vintage keepsakes.

In this first photo there are 3 quilts.  The Grandmothers Flower garden was made by my Aunt Callie Greenhill.  She pieced the top in an unusual way by piecing a few hexagons together and appliquing them on a larger hexagon background.  My mother owned this quilt and I begged her for it every once in a while until one year at Christmas she told me it was part of my Christmas.  I was so excited!!

The second quilttop on the rack was made by a school teacher from Belgreen, Alabama.  Her children were admitting her to a nursing home and were selling her things.  I quickly spied this and rescued it from someone who might not have taken care of it.  It has lived with me for over 20 years now.  I have sometimes thought I would quilt it and return it to her family.  But then I think, they threw it away once, would they do the same thing all over again?  So, I will keep it and sound with me.

The quilt at the back of the rack was given to me by my Aunt Jimmie Lou Barnhill.  It showed up in the mail one day as a surprise!  There was a note which read that her aunt and my Great Aunt Suzy Black had paid for a bushel of peaches to her with the quilt.  My daddy had rode down with aunt Jimmie Lou's husband to deliver the peaches.  She told me she knew that I would take care of the quilt so she wanted me to have it.

I love family heirlooms and the memories they hold.  I had much rather have something that belonged to my ancestors than anything new any day of the week!

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Maggey and Jim said...

What wonderful treasures you have there.. They are so pretty..