September 29, 2010

Tea Time Crazy Quilting Round Robin

I am doing a round robin with 4 other ladies from the CQI site and this is my work on Nicki's block.

I outlined the teacup with gold metallic thread. I also added beads on the plate and the rim of the cup.   I hope someone else will detail stitch the roses with silk ribbon.  I am not too sharp on that type stitching just yet.

Next I added a lace motif floral and did some beading on it.
I love using the flower fairies so I just had to give Nicki one of them on her block!  I always hide them behind some flowers.  I like to think she is just enjoying being outside and having her cup of tea in the afternoon sunshine.

Here is the close up of the detail stitching on her wings and all the french knots in her hair.

I also love to add words to my work and found these acrylic pieces in the scrapbook section at JoAnn's.  I took the sharpest edge of my scissors and made a tiny hole at the top and bottom so I could sew it on.  I added a bead at the top and bottom. I love those butterflies too!
I have these teacup and teapot charms in my online shoppe and they were perfect for this corner!

 I thought my 2 seam treatments turned out right nice.  I love using the porcelain roses! I have to order more of those because I am out now!!
Here is her whole block showing all of my work.


Laurie said...

Just awesome Thearica, your work is just beautiful!!! I love the fairy!

3anklebiters said...


Munaiba said...

That is lovely. You are very talented

katiemedarlin said...

Oh, Thearica, your work just gets better and better. And I just love how you've been using those fairies - just too cute!

Myra said...

A wonderful looking block Thearica!!! You've added some wonderful pieces!
So, does this now go on to another person to add to the size and decor?

NickiLee said...

Simply ADORABLE! I'm so happy she is mine! Beautifulwork Q!

Dee said...

I just love the fairy wings and hair. What a perfect treatment for them!