September 22, 2010

Latest Crazy Quilt Project

I have created a private blog among 12 friends and we are creating something for one member of the group every 6 weeks.  This past session I have been working on a Mini Nature Crazy Quilt for my good friend Amanda.It doesn't happen very often when names are drawn but Amanda actually had my name too.  I am "patiently" waiting for my little quilt to arrive from her!

I mailed hers off today so I will share a photo with my readers since Amanda is traveling right now and most likely will not see this..

I love the way the tree came out..I saw one similar on a scrapbooking site and had to make it in ribbon and buttons!  Love it! I hope she likes what I have created for her!

The first photo is of the scrapbook page that was my inspiration.


Trish said...

Love your trees and quilt. I have so many buttons that this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

Myra said...

Your mini is simply adorable! I am sure Amanda will love it!! I know I do! 8-)

Anonymous said...

That is such a clever idea. I LOVE your button tree, the buttons are a amazing idea! The tree is ribbon french knots right? so fantastic.

You did a such a gorgeous job!

I am drooling;)

Ann Flowers

Dee said...

Having seen it in person, I have to say that tree is truly amazing! I didn't know where you got your inspiration from, but think that's great.

Amanda karol said...

...and I do love it!!!

I don't think I mentioned it...but I am enjoying the book you sent as well. Thank you thank you thank you!!