October 6, 2009

2 UFO's Finished!

I was in an Ugly Swap that a friend hosted early last year? I sent this fabric in as my ugly..

This is the quilt I received back...I just loved it.. :)...I finally got it quilted and bound..Ready to hang in my quilting studio!

This is a Choose Your Own Color String Block Swap that I was in...

I took my blocks and put fusible web behind them and put them on a big piece of muslin...I then used the folded bias tape and sewed it to each area where the blocks met...I did not quilt this one...I added buttons in the cornerstone areas...I did put batting behind the quilt top and finished the quilt using the pillowcase method. I sewed a 1/4 inch seam along the edges.

This one will hang in my sewing studio as well...I was going to put it on my website for sale but hubby said NO! :)

I may play with adding some crazy quilting stitches around the border but that will be for this winter when we are snowed in! :)


Merry said...

Amazing how you can turn ugly into beautiful...what lovely work. The black, red and white quilt is stunning. It reminds me of a stained glass window

Canarella said...

Love love love the black and white and red...i was just getting ready to start one...beeeeutiful my dear....

Shogun said...

I think it's great when something *ugly* turns into something beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny a Ugly swap! Ive never heard of it!
What a cl idea an see what winderful quilt has came out of that!

Much greetings from the Netherlands from Stempelientje.

Ps my little girl is still doing fine and your quilt is a centre piece in our livingroom now!She can curl up under it whenever she wants!