August 2, 2009

CQ Block for a Friend!

Nicki hosted a CQ One Block Swap over on the HGTV Quilting and Needlework Forum and 49 women signed up to participate. I drew Purple Butterfly's name and this is the block that I made for her.

I used Sharpie markers to color laces and embellishments to the colors I wanted. I also purchased some laces already dyed from Nicki that I used in the block too. Her dyed laces include the purple and green flower spray applique piece, the small lavender butterfly, and the lightish purple-light greenish sequined lace on the middle left side.

I had received the large butterfly from one of Nickis lace buy ins and I used the purple Sharpie marker and colored it. I wanted to personalize the block for Karen and since her board name was Purple Butterfly, it fit the bill perfectly!


Merry said...


Anonymous said...

Stunning. I love your color combination. I also love that purple butterfly. You did such a nice job!

Donna said...

Your block is gorgeous. You did such beautiful work on this. It looks as if you have been doing this forever. It is so pretty.