Blog It Saturday! - Show Us Your Oldest Fabric!

Hello friends.  I am launching a Blog It Saturday Linky Party on the blog and invite you all to take part.  Each Saturday by 2pm Eastern time, I will create the new Blog It post for that week.  Each Blog It Saturday will be built around a theme and what you need to do is create a blog post on your blog around that theme and then come and link up to that post through the linky gadget at the bottom of the post on my blog.  It would be wonderful if you would show photos of anything you may have already made with that fabric up until now.  I hope that many of you will take part and help the Blog It Saturday to grow in to a fantastic Saturday event.  I will post the next week's theme at the bottom of my post each week so you will have plenty of time to get your post ready for the next week linky party.

Today's Blog It Saturday is built around the theme "Show Us Your Oldest Fabric"!  I was emailing back and forth with a friend this week and they gave me the idea for this theme.  Thank you Marilyn!  We all have those fabrics in our stash that have been hanging around for a very long time, some even decades old!  Sometimes we just cannot bring ourselves to cut in to them while others we use sparingly so we can keep the larger part of it for as long as possible!

I have 2 fabrics that fit this criteria that I want to share with you today. In 1987 I landed a job as head clerk at the local Dollar General Store in a small town in Alabama.  Back then the stores all carried flat fold yardage.  I was always the lucky one who got to unload those huge boxes of fabric and put it out for sale so I got to hand pick and keep my favorites!  This first fabric came from one of those boxes!  I still have the best part of 1 1/2 yards of this left and I am being very stingy with it now that I am down so low.  I have googled every search phrase I can think of to find this and it is simply not out there!
23 years old and counting....

In the late 80's and early 90's when country themed decorating was the rage I made and sold several sets of the darling pigs.  I used the hog wash fabric for their clothes.  I wish I knew how many of the buyers still had their sets. The photo quality is not 100% but take in to consideration the age of the photo itself. :)

In 2009 I attended a retreat in New Hampshire with around 70 of my friends.  We have these get togethers once a year and for each one we have a challenge fabric, (which is the fabric the cow has on as a coat)... The challenge fabric chosen was supposed to be related to the area you were visiting for the retreat that year.  Dairy farming is one of the ways people make their living in that area so the coordinators of the hop chose it for our challenge.  You could add other fabrics to create a challenge entry so I used the hog wash fabric and made a soft sculptured pig.  I then made the cow and created a "slicker" out of the challenge fabric. I had the parasol in my stash so just for fun I included it so they would not get wet on their way up North!

I also added a sign from the backend of the pig that read "New Hampshire or bust"!  I gifted my entry to a very good friend from Iowa.  Lisa loves pigs as much as we do and she shed a tear or two that I wanted her to take this home with her. :)

Another fabric that I have had in my stash since before 2000 is this piece of 30's reproduction fabric.  It is "Just Making Conversation by Maywood Studio EESCO".  There is no date on the selvage but I would guess this is just over 15 years old.  Not as old as hog wash by any means but still old.  I have 2 1/2 yards of this and have never cut it.  I wonder if I ever will?  Most likely one day....

So, do you have some fabric that has been hiding in your stash for a long time?  Would you care to share it with us?  Please do!  Create a post on your blog and then after you publish it to your blog, click on the title and then copy and paste the URL that goes directly to the post and come and use that URL to link up with the rest of us.  Then we can all come over and see what you have to share with us.  Please be courteous and leave a line in your blog post telling about the Blog It Saturday event and leave a link to my blog so your friends can come and take part.  My blog url is www.stitchandquilt.com.  Thank you in advance for linking back to me.

Next week's Blog It Saturday will be built around the theme of "Who Inspired You To Create" - you may be a quilter, a painter, a yarn artist... Whatever medium you create with, you will share who inspired you or where your inspiration came from!

I would love it if you would grab the button for the Blog It Saturday linky party over on my right sidebar and share it on your blogs.


  1. Love that pig fabric! I can't even imagine how old some of mine are.

  2. 1990 plaid fabric from my daughters school uniforms I found a few weeks ago in a box. Wish I could post a picture. I am going to make each a my daughter's a pillow.

  3. I do love both of your pig fabrics! They are just great :) As a Latin teacher,, I got lots of pigs from my students (the tie in was Pig Latin). I really enjoy my collection! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  4. Enjoy reading your blog. Cute items you made.

  5. I am too lazy to take a photo today-lol but in my stash I have some of my own sewing fabrics from the early 60s, I also have a little bag of fabrics that were from one of my grandmas sewing room that must date back to the 30s or earlier

  6. Fun post - and a great thing to contemplate. I would have to say that my oldest 'fabric' in my stash is most likely what remains of the dress my mother wore over 61 years ago in her wedding. It's a beautiful dark blue (taffeta-ish fabric) that I have used sometimes in my crazy quilting projects. There's hardly any of it left now so it's precious!

  7. What fun to see your oldest fabrics Thearica. Even if I had a blog, I don't have any of the fabric left that we were discussing.

  8. Hi there sweetie pie ! I'm so far behind on my blog reading ! I hate it when I look at Bloglovin and I have 292 unread ! I've just been sewing up old fabric.....trying to get it out of here so I can buy more hehe. I'm pretty good about doing my scrap system after I finish a project, so I had lots of squares and thought I would make a bunch of charity baby quilts.....7 so far. Old fabric in them.....like 25 years plus ! I'll try to catch your next Saturday link and link up !

  9. This is such a fun topic and I absolutely love your fabrics and the pieces you created with Hogwash. You are always SEW Clever! Thank you dear...

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